Going Dairy Free? How Many Pounds? Weight Loss Update and Car Vlog | Laura’s Weight Loss Journey

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Hey Everyone, and welcome back to my weight loss journey! This is just a quick update to let you guys know where I’m at on my weight loss journey, how much weight I have lost recently, and what kind of dietary changes I’ve been making. I’ve recently tried to move towards being dairy-free and would greatly appreciate any tips, advice, or recommendations you can give me! Thanks for watching and supporting me on this crazy journey of mine!

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Beast Capacity Outdoors says:

first off congrats on another 10 lbs right on. now im not lactose intolerant but … i did drop off about half my dairy intake, i love cheese i wont stop eating it, who am i kidding hahaa. but i dont drink regualr milk i drink the almond milk with protein in it. there is now almond milk based yogurt out there . i need to find it .. as for the cheese substitute part i fee lyou there. ive tr4ied daihia or dayiah i forget how its spelled but you can get it at stater bros. at least here in yorba linda you can in orange county. its been the best that i have been able to find. also something that the rest of the house has switched to is fairlife milk brand
theres a power kids type or healthy kids version i cant rememebr but it comes in a light blue fairlife container it has zero lactose and has lots of protien in it . fat kid exercises i hear ya. one of the things i allways say is constant movement cause you can move even when your watching tv. i got myself a fit bit (if you dont have one get one) i have the flex 2 it fits my wrist and the flex 2 is water proof you can go in the shower the pool the jacuzzi the beach lake and not worry about killing it . it helps with the accountability that you were talking about. i try to get in so many fit points a day. hopefully you havent had to deal with scale obsession. i went through it i actually had panik attacks because of it. alison my gf and i are in weight watchers, and so we weigh in weekly (side note thanks ,, i really need to do a weigh in wed on my channel haha ).. and i was dreading weigh in s and such causing issues with my weight loss due to stress . thats one thing i learned right away i do the best im my weight loss when i go on vacation or a holiday hits hahaha because im relaxed feeling great and not stressed. plus i get great sleep. key to weight loss is de stressing and good sleep, and better choices like you had said. one thing that might help as well. is i cut my animal protein intake by 50% and increased my plant based protien intake . but anyhow ive rambled on hahaha too long have a great day , and keep up the great work .

Pam Meets World says:

11 lbs lost, I love it! Slow and steady will make it long lasting! Congrats

Wendy Sarabia says:

Omg! I'm so happy for you!!! I love watching your videos you really are inspiring me to no give up take it slow ????????I love Unicorns too

Yenii Vargas says:

Good luck to your journey
Never give up
I'm also in my weight loss journey
We should motivate each other
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keep going, you look amazing! Hopefully you can stop by and leave a positive comment on my latest video. It would be an honor to see you there!???

kasie G says:

woot woot! Great job! You are keeping me inspired to keep losing, I still have 125 pounds to go, so you help a lot!

Alex Jayne says:

great video! I love your channel!! ?

Rachel Michelle says:

Totally agree with you on dairy – SO addictive! I tried being fully vegan for the last while and I just couldn't stick with it 24/7. I'm happy to just cut back and not go fully turkey off everything. As long as we're moving in the right direction, right?! With that being said, I definitely noticed a difference in my weight loss when I successfully cut down on dairy. Great video. Subscribed and looking forward to more videos! – Rachel xo

juanitajean70 says:

The fat girl exercises do help ?. Congratulations on your weight loss.

Abram SF says:

It's great to get a vid in whenever you can, but I hope you're being safe while driving.

That said, I'm also making a big change to my diet to start my weight loss journey. I can't wait for your next update. I cut out milk a few months ago and lost about 15 pounds. So this is definitely a start!

Let's do this together for our future. ??

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