Gordon Ramsay’s Recipes for a Better School Lunch

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We’ve pieced together some of our favourite recipes from the channel into one Back to School special – tell us below what your perfect school lunch is?

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Keesha Allam says:

oh, so good.. he makes every recipe from scratch… ???

Nicholas Tan Jet Fu says:

Push in
And fill

Mr. Møø says:


Bigger Foot says:

he always looks like he's about ready to laugh

Aryan Wilcox says:

Is it just me or does anybody else not have any memories of gordon without him yelling at somebody or swearing his ass off? Honestly I thought it was funny to watch but I knew he was a good cook just this is the first time ever seeing him not yell at somebody.

DeadGamingFilms says:

I had a slightly melted Snickers bar and a burnt bagel for lunch today.

commisar connery says:

straight, nutella sandwich with honey. thats some healthy stuff right there.

LeeDragonInsec - Akinite Lee Sin says:


osvaldo angel says:

no one gonna say anything about using canned beans?? 2:28

SnipzzGames says:

The Cat Got The Video 1 Million More Views

When Life Smacks You In The Face says:

Where's the Lamb Sauce!?

B rye says:

What working mother has time to make meals like this daily? What affordable school has the funding or care to do this? Is this an episode for children of billionaires? Not that I don't enjoy Ramsay's cooking, but calling it a school lunch is a little naive.

Love10n says:

I wanna make that donut one….

TheLegend27 says:

How to make sushi with Gordon 101
1. Cut the fish
2. Put it on the plate
3. ……

Jerwin Mantua says:

Where did you learn to cook chief Gordon ? I wish to learn as well

Taipans says:

My son gets ham and cheese. Fuck this.

Hose says:

One thing I know is that my school lunches helped me lose pounds

BarnabyCat says:

Cash in hand is a better recipe because it's the only thing getting school pizza.

Mai Tokiha says:

did he just say they are like hand grenades? …

Diem Harlow says:

butter on everything

David Chen says:

Eating my friend chicken while watching this.

Creeper6464 says:

There was a ad by Gordan Ramsay when I watched this lol.

Maximum sexylord says:

gordon Ramsey he's got talent of God cooking you make me hungry like a wolf

Everyday_Loki says:

Do you ever think he doesn't give the full recipe because he wants to make us go to his restaurant?

Aki Vector says:

Oats and yoghurt works fine for me and my wallet, but these does look delicious. I'll come back to them when I'm rich and successful. ^^

rob.hocking1 says:

Gordon, I'd love to slice you up and eat you

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