Great Vi-Shake Recipes with Cheryl Townsley

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This NEW updated video with Dr. Cheryl Townsley introduces fantastic recipe ideas, including a how-to and walk-thru using the Vi-Shape Shake Mix. From dreamy…


Deborah Burroughs says:

I had breast cancer 9years? ago. I gained a lot of weight .ihav2 tryed every kind of weight loss , but I cant loose any weight. My daughter a big bag. But she lives in In Ireland. She left it here and when she got back she called me and told me to try it. I have been drinking it for 3 days now. The first day , I had loads of energy. The second day I seemed to be drained. Today I tryed putting the shake mix in orange

Mark McCulloch says:

Fantastic Video

Very Enjoyed Watching it

Will? Be Back Soon

Adam Goudreault says:

This is an amazing video! I’m so impressed that you waited until the end of the vid before you even talked about anything other than the recipes themselves. Seriously, trying to find recipes without having to wade through people trying to sell it first? has taken me hours! Thanks again 🙂

djkookie559 says:

ur awsum thank u :)?

JimsViSite says:

Dr. Townsley, thank you for such an instructive video. As one new to the Body by Vi? Challenge, this will give me flexible ways to enjoy the products. Jim

Rita Margarita says:

2:50 2:55 3:59 4:55? 5:25 5:57 UH

olderthandadirt says:

how come no shake mix in the “kettle corn”???

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