Headache Relief Massage Therapy, Thai Massage Techniques for Neck Pain, Migraines | Robert Gardner

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Full Body Thai Massage Tutoral with Robert | Pain Relief, Massage Techniques, How To

Learn Thai Massage techniques for pain relief in the legs, hips, back and arms– a full body protocol for relaxation. This video has relaxing music and a soft male voice that can help you fall asleep and may have Soft Spoken ASMR effects.

Robert Gardner is a licensed massage therapist practicing in Austin Texas. He teaches Thai Massage and is available for massage therapy sessions.

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Song: Radiant Sun
Album: Natural Beauty

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KingJason13 says:

Another great video, Robert.

MotorCityBurbs says:

Glad to see my favorite therapist!
(Is it me or is the music louder then normal? I feel it's a bit distracting, especially since I enjoy listening to Robert so much.)

Orla Kelly says:

I want a massage from this guy

harbisher81 says:

Top man so relaxing ?

Rebekah Funches says:

Awh. I'd be too weak for this ?

Martijn Wijker says:

Thanx for sharing! It looks very nice, good technics!

neonom1024 says:

that face she makes at 1:49 is downright adorable.

Ramdragoncobra says:

main game tmrw at 3

Ramdragoncobra says:

alright mate. rugby today.

April Marie says:

I could use this. My headaches usually start in my neck and they move up. Massage helps a lot along with oils that I use. I try and stay away from pain reliever as much as possible. Sometimes though it gets beyond what I can take and I have to break down and take something.

Patrick Bright says:

Robert, the chemistry of your videos, from the calm tone, to the education in laymen terms, and just general knowledge, it really flows. Always happy to see when a new video of yours is posted.

wolfsf2012 says:

Aww the face she made at 1:50 was adorable! But what was with the odd jump cuts?

Daniel acevedo says:

Legs agan agan

Mrudula Pradhan says:

Loved this video, very helpful and relaxing, thank you

JT 2017 says:

Awesome therapist!
Very calming & intuitive ?
I have never heard that term Robert, 'Pain Science'
As a sufferer of Fibromyalgia I think your Treatments look amazing… Hopefully I may be able to try some of this technique on my own head & neck ?Thank you for your Wisdom!

Brianna Cunningham says:

Hi, I just had a quick question
Is their any massage techniques to improve back posture?. My posture is terrible and I feel like when I try to correct myself my back muscles give me too much grief, any tips ?

adramelk44 says:

Robert told me the next video will be an icicle massage i can't wait

Destiny Love says:

She's so pretty! And I loved this video so relaxin (:

TheDsgrant79 says:

Where is Melissa, Meera, Jen, and Athena? No offense to Robert…

TinnInches says:

Robert runs this town

Marcus Lee says:

Can we just all appreciate how Beautiful Mandy Is <3

Cocoon Bloom says:

When he talked about forward neck posture, it made me sit up strait lol I forget to focus on my posture sometimes!

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