Health Ranger posts heavy metals test results for 364 more water samples from across America

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Aquariel Charm says:

Mike Adams should be given the Presidential Citizens Medal and the Congressional Gold Medal for the exemplary deeds and services that he provides for our country and fellow citizens. Thank you Mike!!

jiggerblossom says:

Here's another matter everyone needs some info on: CANCER!! If that word instills fear in you, please read this book excerpt I found on the Natural News website. CANCER IS NOT A DISEASE!! Reading it can save you and those you love!! It was serendipity–found while looking for the water test results, Here's the link, and if you have a tiny attention span, please put it aside.

munchichi8 says:

Our US government is loaded with incompetent people and now they want raises! Remove them out of office!

purpguy69 says:

How do I get a sample to you?

ChristianSaveAmerica says:

Home Depot used to have a drawing to win a gift card for $2500 for remodeling which I feel is as a scam to get peoples' phone numbers. I submitted my phone no., etc and someone called me to arrange a solicitor to come to my house to test the water so they could sell me a "reverse osmosis water system." The water is very bad where I live. Come to find out they resolved an oder problem in my kitchen when they told me the compressor in my refrigerator was dying which the caused the bad smell. I thought the oder was coming from the sink, plumbing or attic and had hired a couple of plumbers to check it out and not one could figure out where the bad smell was coming from. They told me to hire a mold expert.

Randy Williams says:

Where can we find the results?

data junkie says:

Thank you for doing this Mike.

Kitty Kitty says:

Awesome job!!

GTox444 says:


Diane says:

One of the most crucial resources on the planet. What an assault on humanity. Does this include the water im paying for?


Can I send water sample?

Nico Perez says:

Thank you Mike. Your work and purpose is inspiring.

guruuDev says:

I heard that all the heavy metals industrial waste gets stuffed into 'fertilizer' so farm land becomes the waste disposal.  The regulations are rigged to allow this.  This is just like how they put sodium fluoride into drinking water so they don't have to pay to sequester this industrial waste — also with heavy metals mixed in with the sodium fluoride.

William Wolcott says:

So where are the rests posted? I couldn't find them on natural

Pavel Mixlove says:

Thank you sir for all you do to inform us

Aasiya Id-Deen says:

In my town, I asked for a physical report on the water about seven years ago. I read lead and flouride, that stuck out in the report. I questioned it. His response was, "a certain amount is required and not harmful to people".
I went to buying water. Which is still not an assurity of cleanliness.
Bottle, faucet, filter or even filling your bottles from the supermarket.
I still taste the difference and the heaviness on my pallet and tongue. I put baking soda and or apple cider vinegar and adjust to to that flavor.
Thank you, much appreciate your tenacity in reporting and testing.
Please keep doing it.

Susan Duclos says:

Awesome job Mike.

no.reply says:

AWESOME bottom line you are a true hero

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