Healthy Meal Prep for Weight Loss [VEGAN] [WSLF] + McDougall Giveaway

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This video is LONG overdue! I show you what I eat almost every day for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Like I said, I try to stay the eff out of the kitchen most of the time.

The best way to do that? BATCH COOKING!! I meal prep every Sunday night or Monday morning so I don’t have to worry about it the rest of the week. My meals look far from Instagramy but they are satiating AF!! And at the end of the day, what really matters? A full and flat tummy or a pretty IG?? Discuss among yourselves 😉

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The winner will be announced in 7 days! 😀

? WTF is WSLF??
It is a lifestyle based on WHOLE STARCH, LOW FAT eating. This is the perfect diet for weight loss, and it helped me lose over 20 lbs before. It helped me cut fat before, and I know it will help me again!

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Basic Vegan Bitch says:

Hi all! We plan to announce the winner next weekend! Unfortunately I've been sick so we haven't been able to film the video announcing the winner but stay tuned because details are coming soon!

Ronni Shae says:

can you find the Mcdougall soups at anywhere else? I really want to try them but our Whole Foods just closed 🙁

Lizz Brock says:

I love short grain brown rice! I am obsessed with golden potatoes and purple potatoes

Trixie Rose says:

This video was super helpful! I just bought a rice cooker myself 🙂

valeryyie says:

i love these videosssssss

Victoria Elizabeth says:

Loooove San Pellegrino?

Kiyana Cofield says:

the facebook link isn't working

Unqualified Vegan says:

also i'm super weird but i love mixing long grain brown rice with short grain white rice (sushi rice) like 2:1 ratio of brown to white rice. gives it a really nice texture!

Unqualified Vegan says:

Fav meal? Prob has to be brown rice with steamed veg! 😀 broccoli, edamame for plant protein, carrots, etc. yummm!

Amanda Meyer says:

Where can I get that sweatshirt? ?

Mackenzie Bell says:

How many dates are good for you to eat?

Lunaberi says:

I love your videos! it really sucks that Lysol tests on animals :/, I'm sure you didn't mean to buy it just watch out next time 🙂

BeautyandtheBoston says:

Short grain rice is my jam too.

Dariana Cruz says:

Wslf day 1 and i am re-watching this to get inspired !!! Thanks for yournconstant help BVB !

Stephanie F Berg says:

Thanks for the batch cooking tips!!

Veggie Dee says:

I don't know why, but my favorite meal is just cold, plain baked potatoes. I have no idea WHY I find them so freaking delicious. Hnnng

Hannah Koritz says:


Hannah Koritz says:


Hannah Koritz says:


sn232 says:

Have you ever thought of trying Mary McDougall's Mary's Mini 10 day plan (eating same starch different ways for 10 days, plus vegetables…details can be found on the McDougall website), and posting what you ate in a day doing that? It might be something fun to do with everyone to see how creative people get with their meals, or hear their results. Thanks for all you do, have a fun weekend! 🙂

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