Healthy Snack Ideas you HAVE to try! Weight Loss Friendly!

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Healthy Snack ideas you have to try! Weight loss Friendly!


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Arianne Dillon says:

Can't wait to try these recipes today! Thanks for sharing Sam! ?

Topaz_ Beauty_ says:

Where do you get the ezekiel bread?

Lexus Marie says:

I'm on my weight loss journey ? Thanks for sharing great video.

LovingYourselfFirst says:


????? ??? says:

Love Love Love it ?

Rosa M says:

Love you Sam!????

Elisa Hänninen says:

do you know if you can replace the egg with anything when making the green bean chips?

This is for you love says:

Wow such a beautiful sunset in cool of winter your doing amazing with video encourage keep going your truly amazing someone who beautiful inside and out much love God bless you ?????

Sezzie Rogers says:


sena kilincoglu says:

You look gorgeous

Sushi Karmakar says:

Love to see you

theycamefrombehind says:

I dont HAVE to do anything. And that's that. I'^'I

kingofhearts says:

I just want to say thank you, I've been struggling with an eating disorder for 2 1/2 years and recovery just wasn't working and just as I was about to give up I found your channel, and after watching practically every video, I've finally become weight restored by using your tips and eating meals i see on your channel, but instead of feeling "over weight" I feel so healthy and alive, so thank you xx

Mame Diarra Drame says:

It's so awesome to be able to see a new video from you every day because you are inspiring!

amanda velez says:

Totes making the green beans!!

christine gravina says:

need to try these asap! and you look gorgeous as always

Vicky Sts says:

So yummy 🙂

Vita Brkt says:

All the snacks looks super yu
yummy! Cannot wait to make them. Also could you please tell be the song name in the background. Thanks for lovely video.

Katie Appleton says:

2 hrs late bc i was out?

Heather Jordanna says:

?? those green beans look so tasty

V S says:

You have given me so much inspiration, thank you so much! but I just have a question. I keep having belly fat even though I'm working out. I have thought of trying to lose weight, but I'm already very skinny. Do you have a video where you give some tricks against that.

Poonam Singh says:

This is amazing ???please do a lunch special. Like lunchbox lunches for school and work ??thank you for inspiring me

Angelina Sepulveda says:

I feel spoiled with all these uploads!! ???

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