How To Add YouTube, Twitter and Pinterest To Facebook

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Close How to add YouTube, Twitter, and Pinterest to Facebook. And how to get people to click on your website links on Fac…

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Cheryl Watterson says:

Thanks Keith – excellent video tutorial!!?

John Ledesma says:

Hey, in 2013 i don’t see that about section… Where do i put the link to my website in order for it to? show? Thanks.

Keith Kranc says:

Hey thanks for the? update I appreciate it!:)

KYRAjewels says:

Thanks Keith awesome info !? However Involver has been bought over by Oracle , but the free Youtube apps for pages still works, they just allow you 2 free app for pages.

Keith Kranc says:

You’re welcome!?

Ludaxx Venus Akers says:

Thanks? for your awesome tips! :))

Keith Kranc says:

Thank you I’m? glad it was helpful:-)

Paola Soto says:

Thanks. Excellent presentation and very good ? information.

Keith Kranc says:

Yes you do need a Pinterest account. Its a free account. ? Fastest growing social network to 10,000 users ever.

skint021 says:

Do you need pinterest account? first to be able to use this

Keith Kranc says:

Your? welcome – Im glad you enjoyed!

Keith Kranc says:

Your welcome! If you use an image from Google images you should definitely make sure and check to see if you have the rights to use them. Good sources: iStockphoto and Fotolia. One tip – sometimes on Google Images you can tell by looking at where the image is hosted if it will be an issue. Sorry for the? vague answer…:(

jazevox says:

awesome, lots great tips!
i have one question, about the part where you created ur own button image, when? you went to Google Image searched red left arrow, and rightclick the image and used it in the graphic design.. my question is, are those arrow images that ended up in the Google Images search free to use without asking permission from the owner of such image?

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