How To Create An Ad Campaign with Banners Broker

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Note: We are Not Banners Broker Officials but Affiliates The Above Video Tutorial Explains ” How To Create an Ad Campaign” with Banners Broker Banners Broker…

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Joao Silva says:


Ronnie Sen says:

Its because Banners Broker were migrating? their Servers to a new Hosting Company!! Their servers are now stable as announced on THE DASHBOARD.
So pls try to create your Campaign Now!!

Afonso Faria says:

why is that every time I try to create a campaign it either says “could not connect to host” or? “under maintenance”? I always clear history and cache, it’s been like this for over 2 weeks, I can’t create a campaign. I think banners broker is on it’s way to reveal itself as a scam after all…

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