How To Increase Traffic To E-Commerce Sites With Pinterest? (WordPress)

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Close How to add Pinterest buttons to your WordPress website to increase traffic to your e-commerce products? In this video, learn how t…


dana lewis says:

Hey I think your videos are sooo helpful.. but I have? a problem.. I added both plugins but the pinterest buttons did not appear under each product…? so I watched your video again to make sure I didn’t miss anything. I have activated deactivated and re-activated the woocommerce plugin but I sti;; cant get the pinterest icon to appear below the products… a lil help please.

77webstudio says:

thanks so? much, christopher. so glad the vids are helpful. : )

Christopher Aguilar says:

i? love your channel, you’re very helpful and alive…

77webstudio says:

thanks so much for your nice comment. lol i have my? roller coaster days like everyone, but? i try every day to #keepitpositive. : ) hope you are enjoying your day as well.


Just found your channel. You have such? positive energy; it’s like you never had a bad day in your life. Anyways thanks for information and enjoy your day.

77webstudio says:

wonderful, thanks for your comment? helen!

Helen Cruz says:

Did it, thanks you so? much, love your videos!!

77webstudio says:

thanks? for your comment, william. glad this vid is helpful!

william szczerba says:


77webstudio says:

awesome, so glad you found the? solution, thanks for sharing, jayne!

Jayne Glynn says:

OK I found out what the problem was. I decided that I didn’t need to use tags so I took them? off a product and then checked the page (live) to make sure I hadn’t mucked it up and voila! there was the pin it button – so clearly that plugin does not like tags. Posted in case this may help someone else with the same problem.
Thanks again for these awesome videos!

Jayne Glynn says:

Yes, this is the website that? I built following along with your tutorial video for the yoga site so it has woocommerce.

77webstudio says:

hi jayne, thanks so much for your comment. this plugin works with e-commerce websites powered by woocommerce. are you using? woocommerce?

Jayne Glynn says:

I followed along with you again and the first plugin works well on the blog posts but the woo commerce one doesn’t show up on my? products. Any ideas where I might have gone wrong or what I can check?? Thanks for another great video too!!

77webstudio says:

thanks? for watching and thanks for your comment.

77webstudio says:

thank you, i appreciate? your comment. : )

linerentalscouk says:

Awesome info.?

binaryoptionscons says:

Great video, thanks for uploading them. I really? appreciate the work you do, keep it up. 🙂

77webstudio says:

thanks for your comment, and thanks for subscribing for upcoming? videos!

P Jenkins says:

Amazing advice,? thanks!! I’m now subscribed, continue to share more videos.

77webstudio says:

you’re welcome, thanks for your comment, rahul.? : )

Rahul Dass says:

thanks? 🙂

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