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Today’s video I share how I lost over 10lbs in just 14 days. Hope this can help someone, Subscribe,Comment God Bless.


McCalla Family Matters says:

Im back with another weight loss video and im glad to be sharing how I lost over 10lbs in 14 days just following these little tricks staying motivated and sticking with it and now Im on the right path to getting summer time fine, fierce and fit. Hope this is helpful and you can give it a try. God Bless You All.

MsCupcake39 says:

thank u for the tips!!

Taiwo YEMZ says:

Been doing it for three months, feel fucking great, three months to go lol

Debbie Riddle says:

You are so right…portion control is the key. Works for me too.

Shakita Pipkins says:

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Shakita Pipkins says:

Finally a guide >>>  filled with truly healthy advice and easy to follow guidelines. For choosing foods and activities to help with realistic diet and lifestyle changes for healthy, permanent weight loss. The guide is filled with simple changes that are easy to follow. Including tips and tools that make goals seem more real and attainable. Not just a one size fits all plan. From grocery lists, eating plans and exercise motivators, the author makes it truly fun and realistic, something that is easy to continue for the long term. The best weight loss guide I have ever read.

Wigenie Odies says:

girl that is my biggest problem right now. My mind, stomach, and heart is not connected right now. what did you do to get it started to get them in the same level. I have been praying alot to be in control of my mind, I haven't reach there yet

Queen Zulu says:

Great video!! I'm going to try portion control

Leila N says:

I've tried something like this before and it really works – the weight just fell off, I remember losing 6lbs in the first week! But the problem is I find it hard to sustain a diet that's this strict, and as soon as I started eating other stuff I gained the weight back real quick

Egor Skavysh says:

This is the best diet ebook I think, on WooPep website.

King Doelo Paralyzed says:

great video

Lakingdria Grandison says:

Great video, this is definitely a great motivator for me to get on track with my weight loss.

kika Tis says:

I so love u????

Daily Finance with Julia says:

Why cant we see the number of people subscribed on your channel. have been a subscriber since you guys started. Thank you for the advise really needed to hear it. I do intense workouts at least three times a week yet i lose the weight and put it back on quick. i try to eat healthy but i get mad cravings sometimes. will definitely try your tips

Tyler Collins says:

Hey Girl Heyyyyy! I just subscribed to your channel. Showing love all the way from Chicago. I'm excited to follow your journey. Love to hear some tips about the foods you eat during your journey. I really appreciate if you subscribe to my channel ?.

Tiffani Mechelle says:

Great video!

Rhonda Horton says:

Great inspiration…

Life Undocumented says:

Drinking water makes me bloated.

anointedplus says:

This is awesome sis

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