How to Lose Weight & Tone Up – HOME WORKOUT | Rebecca Louise

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This 10 minute home workout will help us lose weight and tone up all over! We’re going to do exercises for arms, legs, glutes, abs, and more! Subscribe! – Your 30 Day Get Fit Plan!

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Marysia Wójcik says:

How many days i must do this to see results?

Sanam Vakily says:

pls add some work outs about reducing breast size

The DR Collection says:

How many calories does this burn? Rough estimate ?

Paula Jaenichen says:

Hi Rebecca. I have a knee that has osteoarthritis in it so the flexibility is not really there. Can we have a video that will show some alternatives Thanks. I love your enthusiasm

Samantha Twiss says:

Love your workouts. Would really like to see more kickboxing :).

Dorothy Hanahmas says:

just starting to work out Elizabeth Louise with your videos

Jazzy K says:

Will do this everyday and I'll share my results

Aminaa Seck Keinde says:

Hii i really love your workouts ??
I really wanna have abs this year (i ve never had them in my entire life like ever) and i wanted to know how many times a week do we have to do abs

Liron Evgii says:

can yoy do video what to eat after and before workout>? its ok after workout 3% milk or to add some granola?

Zovesta Storm says:

Rebecca, I'm a college student and I'm hooked on using your videos as a way to take a break between studying! <3 Thank you for constantly providing such awesome content. I sit way too much and my hamstrings are constantly shortened to where even touching my toes burns. Could you do a beginner hamstring workout? 🙂 Thanks!

Michelle S. says:

Love how you don't wear shoes in most of your videos, I'm starting to work out and don't have shoes right now. Watching other fitness videos and they all wear shoes and that got me thinking that I HAVE to wear a pair just to workout. Thanks for the motivation!

??? says:

You are amazing!! You're workout videos never bores me and you keep update different exercises for the same muscle training, love you!!

isabella bruni says:

Please make more of these kinds of workouts, I loved this!!!

Myaa Pack says:

Does it really work

Shireen Riazi Kermani says:

Can you do more tough Pilates legs workouts? I get good abs and legs workouts from you but the legs are lacking for me. I found another person on YouTube who offers tough Pilates leg workouts but I like watching you better. Thanks!

??? says:

Hi Rebecca! I loved this video! Is okay to do just 1 set or should I do 3 sets? I always confused that how many time I have to work out. I always start with stretch (10 to 20 min) and your video (10 to 15 min) + cool down stretch (5 min). Should I increase more work out?

Julia Niedu?y says:

Hi, i have a question, should I do this workout and add exercises from other videos or 10 minutes is enough for one day? Love you??

LizaLifeStyle ! says:

Love your videos!!!! Truly inspiring!!
1 sub=1 workout

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