How To Make Money With Pinterest Using Amazon

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How To Make Money With Pinterest Using Amazon Connect with me on Facebook In thi…


Mahmudul Huq says:

Listen. Cool video! But hands down the simplest way to earn money online is by using Wealthy Life Demo. Just? search for it on Google. Trust me.

iTzSaLaD says:

Wait, so all we need to do is link the image on pinterest to a tumblr post, and then link that tumblr post to amazon? Obviously the link on tumblr needs to be the one with your affiliate ID, right? Or does this still work? Thanks in advance! You seem? to know what you’re talking about.

Mike Morley says:

Ya, what I am doing now myself is making a new blog per post on tumblr and link the picture to my? amazon link.

Derek Miles says:

Awesome man thanks for the comment Mike! Thanks for bringing this to my attention. I am no Pinterest expert thats for sure lol I see exactly what your saying. Yeah as I read up on it and they say you can link to a external domain of your own but haven’t tried it. Well now i can make a update video on? this thanks Mike!

Mike Morley says:

also. I logged out of my associate account, and then clicked the pinterest pic to go there,? then I logged back in to see if there was a click in my back office, and there was none.

Mike Morley says:

Hey man. I actually think Pinterest is starting to put a stop to that.? I tried doing the same thing, If I paste the long link, it doesn’t have my affiliate ID, If I use the short version, it says something like dangerous link that goes to an external website. And also the reason why is showed your name on the page when you clicked the image, is because you were logged into your associate account when you clicked. I don’t know why, but I’m trying to figure it out. It works fine for ebay though.

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