How to pin a YouTube video on Pinterest

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If you use Firefox, I even show you how to highlight the video title on your YouTube page so that the description on the pin is written automatically. For mo…


Philippe Moisan says:

Awesome, Raffi, I didn’t know,? I will check it ouy, thanks! 🙂

intellione says:

Good info Pillippe, but I don’t know if you’re aware of sites as, where you may pin, and share videos on all social media sites like Pinterest, FB, G+, Linked In and others, without all the hassle. Keep up the good? work!

Philippe Moisan says:

Thanks, Buzza? Bud 🙂

Buzza Bud says:

goog info

Philippe Moisan says:

Hello Samantha,

My screencast videos are all HD. What you need to do is click on the icon at bottom left where you see the icons starting with cc, but first, click on the wheel at the right of ccc to change the image quality, choose the highest. Just hover your mouse over the icons, you’ll see captions that? explain each icon.

Hope that helps!


samantha2425 says:

Ok good info, but I cannot see one? thing that you are doing why is everything so far away! I am not that savvy at doing these things that’s why I need help, I hear you fine, but I can’t see what you are doing.

Caroma says:

Thank you!!? =)

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