How to Use Pinterest to Promote Your Business

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Have you ever wondered how to use Pinterest to promote your business? Pinterest averages 1.36 million users a day, so it is definitely a great platform to ge…


Karen Marrow says:

Awesome! I just followed? you.

Emmanuel Lopez says:

Thanks to you Karen, I have found? a new passion for sharing inspiring movie quotes AND promoting my services! Already pinned several quotes because of your video tip! See under “Inspiring Movie Quotes” under motivatorman1 on Pinterest!

Karen Marrow says:

You’re welcome, Emmanuel!? THanks for stopping by!

Emmanuel Lopez says:

Many thanks? Karen. This was fantastic info!

Karen Marrow says:

You’re welcome,? Johnny!

Karen Marrow says:

Thanks,? Gina!

Johnny Watkins says:

Thank you Karen!? Great Tip!

Gina Kuhn Armstrong says:

Karen…..Great tip on how to use Pinterest to promote your business. ?

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