I Heard “Wake Up Now, VEMMA and World Ventures Are ALL Scams”… The MLM Pros Say So!

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http://mlmhelpdesk.com/?p=9350 I am sick and tired of the pissant marketing antics that is going on inside the Network Marketing Community! As my mentor Rich…


Sylvie Jardin says:

Thanks for this man, I like straight talk :)?

Tiara Martin says:

I love this video, honesty is the best policy.Very professional. I think
that each company is different and has something that’s of benefit to
everyone. I believe that people join these companies based on their needs
and it’s very discouraging to see leaders attacking each other in order to
grow their business. Great job!?

Juliano Gutierrez says:

Thank you!

Troy Dooly says:

Five Levels Of Leadership. And his newest book is “Somes You Win, SOmetimes
you Learn”

Juliano Gutierrez says:

What is the book behind you? John C Maxwell what? Just want to pick your

New Castle Elite Marketing says:

No Questions Asked.

$24.95/m = $89.95/m in services and products.
$49.95/m = $214.90/m in services and products.
$99.95/m = $349.89/m in services and products.

Now if you want to make money, then its $99.95/m.

I Heard “Wake Up Now, VEMMA and World Ventures Are ALL Scams”… The MLM
Pros Say So!

Sign up here: http://www.wakeupterri.com <- No Brainer?

StoneCold JakeBosworth says:

Big surprise Gemini is involved in something that is in question of being a
scam! YOU MAD BRO.

Troy Dooly says:

As of June 2013, about 56% according to the IDS

Louis Soto says:

Wonder how many WUN subscribers enroll who do so only because of the
consumer benefits. The legitimacy of the program would easily be decided by
disclosing those numbers. From conversations it appears everyone is joining
to make $. I hope the customers requirements yield true customers, because
otherwise they have a customer to rep ratio issue.

Jessica Flynn says:

All I can say Troy, is where do you find the time… I wish you had a talk
show, your rebuttals are not only creative, intelligent and hilarious. They
are 100% verifiably honest. Kudos Mr. Dooly Kudos

Jessica Flynn says:

Troy- you are right on the money with this vlog. I really appreciate your
insight. Network marketers will not succeed in anything by “bad- mouthing”
other opps. It’s one thing to share an opportunity and enlighten someone
that may or may not benefit from this sort of SAS MLM. As a Net Mktr it is
your duty to disqualify those who will not benefit. You need to put in work
to become a success no matter what your platform is- STOP SUBTERFUGE
MARKETING- or get out of the GAME.

Pamela Walker says:

Love this video! I was just thinking to my why are business people writing
scam on there video. Just do your business and stay business minded.

Troy Dooly says:

Not sure the BBB really matters. We have shown many videos of how the BBB
works. If you are a paying member you get good grades, if you are not, then
you don’t. Even Disney who is known for their customer service have had bad

Virrencia Kearse says:

Exactly my feelings! All the going back and forth is really getting on my
nerves. Like you said, if you have passion for your company and enjoy what
you are doing then work your business. These companies are not scams and we
have to be more professional than this. Yet, some people will not stop
because it is who they are. You tell them that it is not worth it and they
do not care because it works for their business. smh We will see how this
turns out.

Troy Dooly says:

I covered that already.

taipei moon walker says:

really good info!! what do you think about wesmelcher’s video about wake up

Kanalu Okimoto says:

and they’re rated an A on the Better Business Bureau?

9TO5isNOTforME says:

Troy. I appreciate your straight-shooter mentality and words of wisdom. I
LOVE WUN and will build the business based on their merits not with pissy
marketing techniques. Let’s leave that for the Politicians 🙂

Jair Sanchez says:

Hahaha this guy is awesome

David Rainey says:

The numbers should be greatly different in regards to the amount the lower
ranks are getting now because of our addl products we added on and some
enhancements in our Hub which will go live tonight at about 10pm MST. we
now have our own products that anyone can buy vs just being apart of WUN.
so as I stated, the amount made will be higher.

David Rainey says:

Ethan our income disclosure has meaning but doesnt at the same time. the
reason I say this is that we are growing at a very very fast rate. we have
had no less than 60% growth each month since like March if I remember
correctly. for aug alone we had 127% growth from July.

David Rainey says:

It was close to 13,000 new people for Aug. so when ur looking at the
figures, its because we have so many new ibos. More folks were
concentrating on recruiting vs sales. our sakles from shopping on our own

Ethan Vanderbuilt says:

Sure take a look at the WakeUpNow income statement which clearly states
that the numbers accounted for are not customers. Then look at the numbers
for those that do not recruit and are just IBOs. You will find on average
they make 10 cents a year. The high for monthly income for this group is
$8.75 per month.

Troy Dooly says:

There is no way to recommend a company without knowing far more about who
you are, what your life is like and what you might be fit for.

Troy Dooly says:

I have talked to several people who are more about personal sales than
recruiting, and yes because their are doing all the work instead of
building a sales organization they do make less. However, that is not
illegal or makes a company a pyramid. Ethan, can you provide some facts to
support your conclusion? Not to argue but to better understand.

Ethan Vanderbuilt says:

People that are just selling the products and not recruiting are making
next to nothing. That means the products have almost no value in the market

Troy Dooly says:

There is usually a stock spike in a reverse merger. We saw it most recently
in Youngevity stock. Then things settle down and we are able to see what
happens. In the case of WUN the company has focused on building the company
it seems, and not focused on the SEC filings.

Troy Dooly says:

Now how do you get NO Value out of the income statement?

Troy Dooly says:

PLease explain how you come to this conclusion?

Troy Dooly says:

Well the reality is the company is not current with their SEC filing. WHich
means the stock price is not a good indication of anything. It was not an
IPO but a reverse merger.

Mimmo Fischetti says:

Stop spamming! Please. I’m trying to read this tread.

Melissa Marshall says:

Scams are illegal. Do you see Mary Kay and Amway Reps hiding from the
police? Please do smart research on network marketing. It can be very
misunderstood. Three years ago, I didn’t know what I didn’t know about MLM.
Now I know that MLM is awesome!!! 🙂

Uniqueluva says:

Which one do you recommend?

Troy Dooly says:

Interesting comment. WUN is NOT a ponzi at all. Not even close. Why do you
feel they are a ponzi?

Kenny Martinez says:

Will you do a review on the company I am a part of, we just launched a
month ago Troy. VSN Extreme. Thank you.

goku540 says:

i havent seen any disrespect from anyone yet. as far as business go. but is
it wrong to post scam in a video that i am promoting. just to get views
because that is what people are trending

Troy Dooly says:

Not yet… I really don’t like bring up the red flags in public.

RLSJ says:

No report on MCA?

Vincent Myers says:

nice video…. most of the things i see in most mlm companies puts their
best pieces of products and services together to try to duplicate the AMWAY
CORP… I agree also agree with u that they are not scams by any means but
check out facts if u may about AMWAY!!! none of these come close to the
compensation,training and support, and productivity literally all over the
world.. I would love to see a video of Amway and its CEO’S…. LOL

Amanda Pinkerton says:

Love the video, a great break down of services, but will you be doing and
update one with the new additons WUN is rolling out?

TJ Schiltz says:

For you looking into WakeUpNow and if it’s a SCAM watch and listen
carefully!!!! #wakeupnowscam #wakeupnow #wakeupnowreview #mlm
#networkmarketing #vemma #worldventures #wv #verve #money
#workfromhome #cash #residualincome #moremoney #benefits ?

Jamar Rutledge says:

Hey I want to thank you for this very informational video about Wake up now
and world ventures and even Vemma thanks for clearing up the scam part,

Jamar Rutledge says:

Very professional Thanks a lot Troy my hats off to you!!

Troy Dooly says:

Thanks… I am talking with Jason first of the week 🙂

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