I Let A Weightloss App Run My Life For A Week

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Try the 8fit app out here! http://go.8fit.com/M-Khare

After traveling a bunch this next month, I went out on a quest to find an awesome and challenging fitness/nutrition app that I can use on future trips in the confines of hotels. Here’s what I discovered using 8fit for a week!

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Michelle Khare says:

GOOD MORNING NOTIFICATION SQUAD! Hope that you enjoy this video! Got some really exciting stuff lined up. I'm also headed to vid con this morning so come say hi if you see me 🙂

Erica Richter says:

I read the title and BURST out laughing! 'I let a weight loss app RUN my life'! GET IT… RUN… CUZ EXERCISE!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA lol I'll stop now

Jenabeauty xoxo says:

You are absolutely stunning

Lauren Schumann says:

go a week using only things that are made in your home country, America I am assuming! 🙂

Jessica Ramirez says:

But did you lose weight….

aneema chowdhury says:

Please do a arm workout??

Saul Garcia says:

Bikini try on

Mirre Dierckx says:

when you need one of these apps because you're a potato

Elleah Ghouralal says:

Hi Michelle, what do you use to edit your videos?

SpartanTimTv says:

Amazing chick !

Hayley Byrne says:

I hardly ever exercise but if I ate that amount of food, I would die of hunger! ?

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