I Tried A Diet And Fitness Plan Based On My DNA

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“I think I am so surprised by the results because nothing has ever worked for me in the past.”

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Dan Reardon


Pisces Princess says:

Why tf my house smell like burnt pancakes ??

Aaliyah Bailey says:

I feel this girls pain, he called her Desha 3:44

Sara H says:

I can see her nipple 0:34

Ann Mary says:

She's so determined!

Aurora Andrew says:

I've started a vegan/ketogenic diet, and it's easier to eat my cabbage while im watching you <3

Esther Johnson says:

Ok am I the only one who eats super healthy, works out like crazy, gets plenty of sleep, and is still tired at least two days a week? I'm 15 so maybe it's a growth spurt but ughhhhhhh

William Miller says:

The guide ? ow.ly/rhyi30hhyOE ? is phenomenal. Honestly,Go ahead and just forget every single thing you thought you knew about health and fitness and do yourself a favor by reading this guide. I've only been following the routine plan for about 2 weeks and I've had better results in this short time than I have in about 2 years of weight training (or what I thought was weight training) and even cut down another 5 pounds. It gives you a really simple and easy understanding of the anatomy of the body and what exactly you need to fuel yourself with for optimal results. I have already recommended this guide to all of the females I train with, and even mentioned it to my personal trainer 😉 He hasn't changed anything about my routine because my strength and endurance is greatly improving.

Jaidah Plaza says:

Her skin started to look so much better as well!

Kiya L. says:

Is there a free test online….

Lowkey Peace says:

Your face slimmed down girl I want to do this

MMM Green tail says:

Daysha, you’re always such an inspiration. Thank you for always remembering and reminding that health and strength are the important parts of diet and exercise.

DonutTalkToMe ! says:

I got a BTS ad before this. DNA

George Fouracres says:

this is just a promotion not real !!!!!!

My opinions Matter. says:

Wow you could really tell the difference from her stomach it got curved..if that makes sense lol and her body fat on her back disappeared wow you just work hard and you succeed good message lol

Taylor Strutton says:

was very interested but then looked at the price….$289 CAD for the month plan….that is way too expensive

Hello Stupid! says:

0:55 Fabulous! ???

Arijanda Šerepkait? says:

Woah she's one of those people who are ugly and beautiful at the same time. that's cool

Hatoon Sarhan says:

I could listen to Dan talk all day heart eyes emoji kissy face emoji lol

Vlad Imir says:

It's an Abstergo front

PrittyAwsomeGuy says:

she still fat doe

Spartan Gaming says:

Amazing , I'm going to try this out . You have inspired me!

Adri Mendez says:

Its midnight and i just watched this video and now I want to work out haha

Julia Prusha says:

1:19 nothing gets more frustrating than people saying frustrating 'fustrating'

Bridget Shanahan says:

it makes me really angry and sad that buzzfeed feel the need to change the lighting and the peoples posture in th final reveal. like, they are always like "love your body, be yourself, be proud of who you are"

Helly Watermelonsmellinfellon says:

Honestly, I've been on many diets and none of them ever showed any change. I remained the same weight for the 7 years. Exercise, specific calories a day, and only water. Nothing changed. In junior high I stopped eating breakfast and lunch every day and instead replaced them with water and then I started losing weight. And suddenly people were telling me I looked 'good' and 'healthier' and my clothes were becoming loose. I had 1 chin again, and my cheekbones actually showed. Pants would not stay up because they'd become so loose, and my shirts were too baggy.

People have only ever told me I look good during the times I'm starving myself. I have started to eat small things more regularly, but have replaced the skipping meals by getting really sick for a few weeks(which makes me sleep and not eat since I'll just vomit) and when I'm better, I've lost like 35lbs. Works every time. The only thing that works. I will deliberately expose myself to ill people and have them cough on me, and proceed to do what I can to make it worse. The more ill I am, the more weight I lose.

I started this habit after realizing a pattern when I was 13. It had happened at least once a year since I was 9. I would lose a lot of weight while sick, and during those times my sperm donor would shower me with praise for losing all the weight. He'd say things like 'there's finally hope for you'. 5'4" and 110lbs isn't much, but he hated the fact that I was over 100(claimed it made him look bad), and would force me to diet all the time. And I would gain the weight during his 'specially crafted diets' and lose it when ill. So I figured getting sick was my best chance to make him proud of me.

I still do it to this day. Still the only thing that works. I'm away from him now, but only habits die hard.

stoops says:

Did anyone see the ridiculous pricing or just me

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