I’m Not Your Borderline (BPD) Ex-Girlfriend!

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I am not your ex, but I DO have BPD. Before you judge, listen up! Link to my BPD video playlist: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL24D1BC6A9EDA69E1 Link…


thebighighlander says:

…, sigh, your videos are very well done. Keep up? the good work!

xsullengirlx says:


thebighighlander says:

…, but? you could be, …

Kimmehface says:

Answer to men complaining to have BPD girlfriends: if you? don’t want to date them, don’t. It is your life. Start dating other people then. There is still no need to speak and act hatefully agaisnt all people with BPD.

Lawrence Bland says:

Sociopaths are? sorry and do have regret. The catch is, they are only sorry or regretful that they got caught! If not caught…. no regret (at least outwardly shown) and they are certainly never sorry. Social Paths only care for things that benefit them. If there is no benefit, they could care less. Seriously. No sorry, no regrets. Not even fair to try and compare that to BPD.

Lawrence Bland says:

It’s mostly a result of ignorance. They unfortunately, just don’t know. ? I think you are doing just fine. The ones making those derogatory comments are pretty much the ones with the real problems. Don’t loose any sleep. 🙂

Playfulchocobo says:

Thank? you for posting your videos

It is more common that women get diagnosed with BPD then men.

The ones which have? posted the comments should also wake up an understand that the percentage of peolpe who are diagnosed with BPD is only like 2%.

antisubaru says:

Okay, girlie. Deep down you know that nobody wants to be involved with a neurotic cow.?

thebighighlander says:

Keep your chin up, xsullengirlx. You seem really together and I? always find your videos to be very informative and interesting.

Nigglesnoosh11 says:

Well said thumbs up :)?

xsullengirlx says:

Way to generalize and stereotype, anonymous. Newsflash: You’re wrong. (lol)?

antisubaru says:

Lol lots of borderlines are rustled because no one? will ever love them. Way to project girls.

Keshia Barnes says:

I’m about to write a new blog entry to vent about all? these stupid ignorant people.

thedanizblog says:

Love this video! So spot on. I get lots of rude ex-girlfriend comments on my videos all the time. When I was symptomatic and hurting people I cared about, part of the emotional roller coaster was when I came down from after an “outburst”. I would be overcome by guilt/shame and depression because of what I did to the point that I didn’t even want? to get out of bed. It’s so annoying to get comments saying that people with BPD don’t have any empathy. That is NOT a characteristic of the disorder.

jamie maund says:

i also messaged you.? =)

jamie maund says:

first of all love the hair! NOW, you sound more together than any of the posts you? just read. those people are commenting on a subjuct they know nothing about. keep up the videos, i really like them. i akso

Stephanie Bell says:

And for that matter, I’m also a social work/psychology student, and I’ve done several projects on BPD, and when looking for sources, the stigma often shines through in the medical community as well. Articles with very little actual research have been published to make us seem manipulative and awful based solely on anecdotal evidence. A few times, I’ve been in classes with profs who say terrible things about borderlines as well. It’s? jarring how far this spreads.

Stephanie Bell says:

THANK YOU FOR THIS. I get so hurt/upset by all the biased posts I see just tearing apart all borderlines based on one? past experience with supposed borderlines. I’ve seen people say we are soulless, demons, sirens, sociopaths, killers [sidenote: because of media portrayal, when I told my own mom about my diagnosis, her first response was, “Does that mean you’re going to kill us?” when I’ve never been violent], and I’ve seen them say we should all be rounded up and shot. The stigma is horrifying.

annstodd says:

Very well done. I always? enjoy your videos. That is my problem it’s so easy to dismiss us as “crazy”, yet they wouldn’t say that to someone who has a physical illness. Good for you for addressing, what I try and address in mine as well. I have posted your video in my FB group about erasing the stigma of mental illness.
Good one you girl, yes I love your hair too!! 🙂

missdarkangelxxx says:

As someone diagnosed with? it, i will not be telling anyone i date again i have it, get some awful guys , who will then blame every problem on the disorder. its painful enough having it.

missdarkangelxxx says:

i think? you really need to trust someone to tell them you have Bpd as its so stigmatised, my ex threw it back in my face when we split up.

DemonsToSome1987 says:

I have BPD, I think people struggle? to realise that people with BPD have a “missing” part of their brain. The part of the mind that controls emotional regulation is not as developed as a person without BPD. Learning to regulate, control and deal with emotion for someone with BPD is almost like telling someone with no legs to just grow legs. Thankfully the mind is a wonderful piece of evolution and you CAN learn to do those things, but it takes time, the right therapy and motivation to change.

Bast Femme says:

THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THIS VIDEO! when i first found out my dr. thought i had BPD i ran to bookstores and online to research it. I saw your? video first. it gave me hope and understading. I LOVE YOU! i have heard all of these before. I have gone to ACOA meetings and sat next to people, had friendly conversations with peopole, only to hear them trash people with BPD (not knowing that i do have this). WE ARE NOT ALL THE SAME!

prettyriot says:

Thank you for making this video. The ignorance surrounding BPD is unbelievable. With mental illness some people assume it’s a choice or that it’s something that can be controlled most of the time and therefore it’s just someone acting out for the hell of it. To me, that thinking is on the same level of ridiculousness as telling someone with a physical illness to just get? over it or that they are somehow to blame for it.

bunnymomma12 says:

Thanks for posting this video!! Whenever I see? these comments about people who hate people with bpd it makes me so upset. It helps with you posting this follow up. Do you think we should ever tell people we have bpd? Or keep that to ourselves?

David Roberts says:

i still thk? she’s hot..lets hook up,.your gorgeous…..

elfie780726 says:

Actually studies have shown? people with BPD do better than average on the reading emotions from pictures of peoples eyes tests and probably have better than average affective empathy.

pampidixy says:

in love with you hair! ?

sammiekopet says:

Stop omg? your hair is perfect

sammiekopet says:

Stop omg your hair? is perfect

lilyfleur7 says:

i had one really awful experience with a girl that had bpd, but i don’t? judge people that have it, as someone with mental health issues myself i have empathy for them and feel sorry for what they go through. although i do believe if someone is treating you like garbage, no matter what the reason is, it’s better to cut them out of your life if they’re not willing to acknowledge that they need help. which is what i did.

Kathleen Awad says:

I can’t thank you enough for working so? hard to get better and get well. BPD is so difficult to recover from. I wish so bad my sister would want to get better. I have also been working really hard for many years recovering from Anxiety and Major Depression – and being the daughter of a psychopath mother and borderline father. My father was the one who loved us – psycho NM didn’t love anyone or anything. I have a lot of respect for someone like you. Borderlines are not liars. <3

Maria Flores says:

I bet the two dislikes are the guys? you put on blast xD

lananoir says:

wow your? hair is amazing!

denise kitty says:

I? love your hair!

294rockstar says:

I love your hair and you are beautiful!! I’m glad you talked about the negative comments without using their names. They don’t understand and/or just want attention. Great? video!! 🙂

xsullengirlx says:

I have done some personal updates recently talking about what’s been going on with me, life has been pretty stressful – lots of big changes, so sometimes I can’t find the motivation to do a video if I am trying to cope with being depressed or anxious. I am in recovery but have my off days when life gets hard. Glad you liked this one though! :)?

xsullengirlx says:

Thank you! I will :D?

xsullengirlx says:

haha I know, I can imagine it happening to a lot of people – the mental image? is kinda funny though. And thanks Mona 😉

xsullengirlx says:

No idea what you’re talking? about but can you not?

archie977 says:

i just cam to see the soft spongy things remind? me life is a good place to be

Mona Vanderwaal says:

Googling ‘psycho ex girlfriend’. Yeah I can already see my ex doing that xD Oh and? btw your hair >

Vicky Thistle says:

I’ve been seeing? the horrible comments on BPD videos for a long time now, and I’m so glad someone’s finally addressed it! Thank you 🙂

chayale Huss says:

Your? right!! Talk about it more!!

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