In the Studio With Pharrell Williams | Vogue

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In advance of N.E.R.D’s upcoming album, Pharrell opens up about how Kelis helped diversify his wardrobe and discusses his style influences, from lumberjacks to hip-hop icons like A Tribe Called Quest.

Directed by Lofty Nathan

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In the Studio With Pharrell Williams | Vogue


Chaquierria Hall says:

Does anyone know the name of the song that starts playing in the background at @ 0:40??

Tanner Clarke says:

Does Pharell think he's Gandhi

Alex Martinez says:

Homie been looking the same his whole life lol what a legend


now that is a RELAXED human

SAMMY B says:

instead of dressing like a rich man, I want to dress like one of the peasants!

mjjbskfanatic says:

That bandana is gorgeous.

Monica Martin says:

OMG!! He's so handsome

IamProfessorO says:

Not trying to spam, but I'm a huge Timbaland/Neptunes fan and i've been told my music is influenced by their sound a lot. Head to my channel if any of you are interested in hearing some stuff 🙂

JoJo Barry says:

Head scarf too fire

Bryan Octaviano says:

That du rag tho.. where can I get one?

O.J. Brathwaite says:

Pharell You Know Good and Goddamed Well That The N.E.R.D. Chain, The BBC Helmet Chain, And The IceCream Running Dog Chain You Wore With NIGO With His Bape And BBC Dollar Sign Chains Were The Greatest Pieces In Existence.

You’ve Inspired People, Not Just Blacks or Virginians, To Be Expressive With Cliché Things.

And Diamonds Chains Are Only Cliché When You Can Afford 100 Of Them For Us, It’s A Trophy For “Hey We Actually Made It In The Art/Entertainment Industry.”

Someone Else says:

I wish I liked the new album but I don't really, it's kinda annoying. Still love Pharrell and N.E.R.D. though.

Hello Guy says:

Pharell looking like JME failed cloning attempt

imogenbegins says:

This was way too short.

Chris Araiza says:

Literally Pharrell has always been one of my influences in life! I love him way back to the 'In Search of…" days. Thanks P!

Ramon Key says:

That head scarf makes wanna go but him some Benson and Hedges

Jonny Bell says:

Pharrell is king |

Wesley Leigh says:

Title should Read: In the Studio with Pharrell Williams in the literal sense only. Should also come with disclaimer: The video has no intrinsic value to you or anyone, and could be seen as an absolute waste of 2:34 minutes.

ian j says:

It's not too late to catch up with Bruno Mars

Emmanuel D G Rebollo says:

he's one of my inspirations

Don Paccino says:

So he purposely has on a scarf as a woman would wear it.. ok fam

Elijah Ashman says:

they want me beat it like a t.i. case.

George92 says:

do this guy ever get old?

JP Rabelo says:

Y is he in the studio talking about fashion ??

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