Increase eBay Sales Using Pinterest

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Easy step by step tutorial explains how to use Pinterest to promote eBay items. It is free, effective, and has millions of users congregated on one site 24/7…

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911turbo711 says:

Me too and also subscribe thanks so? much

ThriftQuests says:

Thank you for the vid. I just signed? up.

ebaycoach says:

Hi, I don’t think others are going to? remove items if they have sold. The objective is to get your items out on Pinterest in front of an audience.

laneywag says:

I pin my stuff on pintrest but my question is if I join this group and others repin? something and it sells. When I remove it from my board will it automatically be removed from all those who repinned it?

ebaycoach says:

Hi TheSean2005? – hope to see you there!

TheSean2005 says:

Hi Thanks for this video. I have thinking of how I can make listing more noticeable to more? and more people, this is just what I need. I just joined the group, hopefully I can get inside and I can start pinning and sharing my items for sale and I can also help other members get their items to get noticed on Pinterest.

Thanks again.

AD Sudler says:

Fantastic information. I am setting up a Pinterest account now. Thanks!?

ebaycoach says:

Hi, Jake, no, the name does? not have to be the same.

JakeOfAllTrades731 says:

Does the pinterest account and ebay? account have to be registered to the same person?

James Carpenter says:

Great Video great information. I just went to the? group

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