Intense 10 Minute Total Body Workout! Tone & Tighten HIIT Fitness at Home

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10 Minute Total Body Workout with Dani! Tone & Tighten HIIT Fitness at Home for Beginners

Dani gets you ready for bikini season with this quick and intense Total Body Workout! Great for all levels, this HIIT workout also has cardio benefits!

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Shirin Najdi says:

I love HIIT. Please do more videos like this.

Blackpool77 says:

Nice one Dani

nathan600r says:

Love the upbeat personality, I'll be checking out more of your workout videos.

Jessica Estrada says:

Great workout! Done in 10 minutes! Now I can go about the rest of my day. Thanks for the inspiration!

atlas manning says:

are you shannon nicole's sister?

Eelke Aptroot says:

No kidding, this lady knows her HIIT drill!

Neel Rakshit says:

thanks for tops

Spanisheyes27 says:

I realized what I said, previously…yes I see that it is a warm up, should there be stretches before starting? and if so, what would you recommend…I am a beginner, not a novice but it has been about 9 years-Thank you.

Spanisheyes27 says:

Great workout, I could tell…could this also be used as a warm up as well?

Nicholas Hallam says:

I don't think I can keep up with you anymore!

Padmasudha Balakrishnan says:

Hi…..I'd really appreciate a reply……also….I'm a total beginner so pls bear with any silly sounding questions….

First of all… many times a week should I do this…..

Second……I'm very new to working out….and I wish to develop lean muscles….doing this would it make me bulky or help develop lean muscles…….

Pls do reply….Thank you

Sarah Davis says:

can't wait to try this tonight, thanks for a great new routine 🙂

Cat Cool says:

I think your form could be better

Cat Cool says:

wtf is up with your arms when you are doing abs

have fun says:

ahhhhh nope

pinkstrawberrypuding says:

I don't want to look like that so i'm not going to do that.Too manly looking and I know that's the in thing right but no thank you.

meatwad74 says:

get her on a massage video asap

James S says:

you did the sit ups wrong, you shouldn't swing your arms as it takes the workout off your abs and won't work as well as it could do.

20alphabet says:

Very inspiring to see a fit woman exhibit proper technique !

Sirous Mani says:

Best channel ever!

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