Introduction to my Weight Loss Journey

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Hello, Welcome to the beginning of my Weight Loss Fitness Journey!!! Hope you all enjoy my video, please give it a thumbs up and subscribe for more.
W E I G H T L O S S S T A T S:

?Starting Weight: 228.4lbs (July 10, 2016)
?Current Weight: 228.4lbs
?Goal Weight: 130lbs
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?I N S T A G R A M: cindys_fit_vida
?S N A P C H A T: cindysvida
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?Polar FT4 Heart Rate Monitor:
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yankee doodle says:

Doing what you did takes great guts. Liked your honesty!

matte glitter says:

you are so inspiring! I hope to begin my weight loss journey soon to have a healthier lifestyle ?

Odessei27 says:

Have you ever heard of pedicure ?

Mark Williams says:

I lost over 5 pounds in less than 1 week with this great weight loss method here: HootFat. com

Sara Delane says:

Awsome cindy really you're so brave to show everything it's the most realistic and honest video I've ever seen:D I want to lose weight too but I don't know how.. I want ro excercise but I can't walk properly wirhout falling that's why I can't run or walk etc… I don't know what I could do for sport maybe swimming and homecycling? My future husband now proposed to go swimming with me twice a week maybe three times I wish you could help me kisses sara

Mrs. Horn says:

Absolutely LOVE your video. You seem down to earth and confident. Putting yourself out there to motivate others is truly inspiring ?

Julie'sJourneyToHealth says:

Thanks for sharing!

Fit in Five says:

I am just starting my weight loss journey! I hope it has been going well for you so far!

annanya nusrat says:

U have too much insulin. Plz check dr Eric berg's video. It would help. Hopefully

Simply KatieAnn says:

You go, girl!! I'm on my own journey too! 🙂 You are BEAUTIFUL at any weight. Just remember, that body gave you those babies and you have to love it for all that it has done for you. Stay positive and let's do this!

TheRebirth0329 says:

I'm on my own weight loss journey. Let me know what you think about my videos. They are about my thoughts after working out.

Shnerd says:

I have been following you for a while now. I finally decided that I'm tired of sitting here hating my body. I got a gym membership and changed my diet. I started a group on facebook with other women who are in the same boat. We are in week 3. Thanks for the inspiration.
If anyone wants to look us up on facebook we are called Get Fit (ladies only) I can post the link. Just know that you can do this! Sometimes it helps to have others and to have some sort of accountability, support and motivation. It's helped me. But, I wouldn't have done it without these videos. 🙂

Evah Linear says:

YOU DO LOOK LIKE MILA KUNIS!! 🙂 With my weight loss journey, I tried to move around and did resistance training too while trying hard to eat healthy. I was overweight 5 years ago, and I tried all sorts of diet and exercise (which I am not so consistent-honestly). I was lethargic more or less. However, I did start to just walk and then hike slowly as possible because I have some knee issues too. Then when I lost 5lbs, I continued with my routine and diet (fruits) and I also started using Doxyva- I am using this for over a year now, it gives off a hot-spring type vapor to the skin. The vapor has that natural element that enhances blood flow, increases metabolism and with my routine exercise it had cured my lethargy and lost more lbs then after.

Kristina Jansen says:

So glad I found this video, subscribed. You are so brave to put yourself out there and thank you for your service!

mepommier says:

lol, that sound in the background of the video keeps scaring my dog

Gainer 2 Trainer says:

Hope everything is going good on your weight-loss journey still. I just subscribed. I am doing the same thing you are (documenting my weight loss journey from the beginning) I would love if you could go to my channel and give me any feedback. Thanks for the motivation!

mayrad05 says:

You are so brave for doing this!! such an inspiration!!

Mairabellaa says:

Just started my weight loss journey guys ?

Maryam Alizadeh says:

continue ??

Dalilah Pfeifer says:

Semper Fi !!!

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