Invigorating Yoga for Strength & Flexibility | Weight Loss Workout for Beginners, 30 Minute, Lindsey

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Invigorating Yoga for Strength & Flexibility | Weight Loss Workout for Beginners, 30 Minute, Lindsey Samper

Take yoga class at home with Lindsey. This routine is effective to build strength and full body flexibility to support weight loss and health. Great for beginners and all levels. Lindsey Samper teaches Yoga classes in Austin, Texas.

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Tracey Gordon says:

i have a back/spinal injury so iam worried if some these exersizes would hurt my back

mangouni says:

This is a really excellent yoga video. Thank you!

Lindsey Starwood says:

Hey! Thank you very much for this vid, I have one question, what are your thoughts about this program? I've heared a many good things about it

Indica Auri says:

Namaste ?? ??

Daniel Stephenson says:

that hit the spot, thanks

kripa rai says:

elastic body..

GarudaLegends says:

marry me cute lady

GarudaLegends says:

six toes. holy hell. she is wife material. holy hell. so sexy


its woow experience its necessary to do these poses on empty stomach

20alphabet says:

Great video. Keep it up!

Stanzavik says:

In Corrina's search to find the next Donnie, she's come damn close with Lindsey. Don't screw this one up, Corrina. Give her whatever she demands!

WhoSam34 says:

Her body is ?

lukelliott1 says:

I felt so relaxed and limber after this. Thank you!

Gareth Mccartan says:

how in the name of God is a beginner meant to keep up with that?

EessaDev says:

Why use AdBlock Plus ?

EessaDev says:

on schedule!

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