Is Banners Broker A Scam? |Banners Broker Scam

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Banners Broker is not a scam as long as you know this one tiny little secret. The creator of this video may receive financia…


Adi Guy says:

yes Jacon – this is the story of this company …
you will never withdrawal your? money back .
very simple….

Adi Guy says:

this is a scam .
i made money – ” on the paper” as its more then a year that i’m trying? to withdrawal my money with no luck … so : this is a sacm .

nikaileen1 says:

Notting in this world can push me to believe Banners Broker is real company this is an scam indeed,they keep changing the rules over night, don’t use proper payment method,don’t have an corporate? office at list in UK,don’t pay as should comply with their own polices,and other 101 things I can mention but don’t have time to waist, my advice is do chargeback,reported to the police plus be careful and close and change all your accounts Banners Broker have including driving , passport and other docu

Ronnie Sen says:

Dear friend the Internet is a wonderful place, but even if u type google scam n google it, u will find people complaining… try it with any Brand name and add scam n search!! As of Today BB is paying Affiliates allover the world, and i am getting paid for the last 1 year from Banners Broker . So if u are not an affiliate of BB stop commenting withouth knowing all the FACTS. If there is any way i can help u see? the way we see it.
I am happy to help u!!

Ronnie Sen says:

I am withdrawing money from BB month after month successfully!! As of today!! Banners Broker is paying, Indians are getting paid now like clock work via NEFT…? !! most negative people without any photo also in their youtube profile are fakes… Pls be aware!!

sudireland says:

Banners Brokers is absolutely a scam. Thousands of affiliates worldwide complaining about the theft of their money. Rules changing? weekly. Currently under investigation by canadian authorities. Stay clear from this pyramid scheme.

Jacob L Ngubane says:

I Joined banners broker in August 2013. I started with roughly $3000. I made a withdrawal of $200 in December. In March I requested a withdrawal of $1500, It’s June now and I’m still waiting, BB keeps making excuses about delays, Try withdrawing money, they won’t give it to you. I have been decieved and would like to? warn you.

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