Is Banners Broker In Trouble?

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I just became privy to a VERY revealing letter that “tells all” about the story of Banners Broker over the past few months. IF you are an affiliate (as am I)…

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Al Sills says:

Yes, I was paid on Jun 7, if you read my post titled “is banners broker in trouble” (on alansills(dot)com), you’ll see exactly what is going on. So, if I were you, I’d read the post AND I’d call support and ask why you have not been? paid since Mar 13.

Al Sills says:

My panels just moved today; if you have been following my posts on alansills(dot)com you’ll know what is going on. There is a recent post on my site I strongly encourage you to read – I believe its called “is banners broker in trouble”. If you have ONLY been waiting a month for payouts, be patient. Chris Smith knows he? has to do better on payouts – the recent post explains what has happened.

MrPoisony says:

You have been paid June 7th you said… I have not been paid since March 13th.. I have 11 pending withdrawals, over $25k in total………?

waitforit32 says:

I didn’t see any panel movement for the past 4 days now and I have 2 withdrawals which are pending for over a month now!
I have submitted several tickets and they? didn’t answer any of them and they are not answering me when I call.
What can I do?

Al Sills says:

he said he was traveling; having traveled quite a bit myself, there *are* times where you can not get an internet connection just when you need it; was it the truth? who knows… my guess? he had nothing new to say so he bagged the call for a week; considering he has a major event coming up in 5 days, he certainly MUST have something to say by then? or during the event

Simon Taylor says:

Does anybody know? what the unforeseen circumstances were that forced Chris Smith not to show for last weeks Webinar?

Al Sills says:

Good Luck Sue, I hope? you win the Tesla!

Sue Warner says:

Thank you for this blog. Even I, a member since January 1,2013 learned something new today. Even though I have not requested a withdrawal yet, I continue to put my earnings back into this program and add to? it. That Tesla is MINE!!!!!! lol

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