Is Visalus a Scam?

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RiotHacksOfficial says:

you should? be a model

Vas Cristi says:

i? could watch u all day

Benito camela says:

soooo? hott!!!

helgadana78 says:


jamessmisth20 says:

subbed and liked! This? was a great vid

sek14 says:

you r rediculously hot?

PlayerIVIoonlight says:

you are? beautiful

RevoltedzNoob says:


RevoltedzNoob says:


lisa scop says:

am i dreaming or r u? for real!!

Fred Gilbert says:


Ted Beer says:

i <333333? u!

selmir halkic says:

great stuff?

mario helen says:

Give me by? BMW

Dan Sufer says:

When you can count em? off you know it’s working…….

Kilu Sala says:

Bimmer? Club!!!!

perter Grow says:

Where else can you get healthy and get a? bmw at the same time?

Amo Justin says:

Vi? Life Baby!

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