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Sarah Sunshine :: 5 REASONS IT’S TOUGH BEING A WHITE GIRL featuring: Aaron Michael King Greg Davis Jr. Grace Shim cam…

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kikthecan says:

It’s? tough being a white girl, surrounded by blacks, no shit. It’s hard for everybody.

mansequotte says:

Ironically none of these two girls are even “white” to begin with. One of them is an oriental (east Asian) the other taller girl with dyed hair looks native? American (of Asiatic racial stock).

Vance McLeod says:

wow foreal? doe # 2

David Lamar says:

lmaooo #2 was? hilarious and true smh

vernard green says:

I’m? a black guy I would talk to you lol

ivyjamesneal says:

Hey i kinda? like that video it was funny

Ten Fold says:

White girl rappers lmao this is? funny

Zephyrus Harris says:

(2/2) how interracial marriages never last, kids wont be raised well, i? even ran into this person that said that it’s a sin to date outside the race, it’s against God’s will and God put us on this earth to marry our own race! Thank you! It’ll mean a lot if you made a video based on this subject! If not, i understand, and thank you for taking your precious time reading this! ^_^ i just wanted your opinion on this because I KNOW you would know what to say!! 🙂

Zephyrus Harris says:

I died at #1 lmao!! Btw on your next video could you talk about interracial dating/relationships? There are people that doesnt mind interracial dating and unfortunately, there are? people who dont and obviously got this urge to voice their negativity on interracial dating saying that it’s nasty, we should stay within our own race

Lawrence Bland says:

LMFAO! ? Your hilarious!!! LMFAO!!!!!

ARMackeyTv says:

Ha,? this is pretty good.

Sketch Evans says:


Leo619858 says:

lmao, reason 4 and 3 is bipolar as? hell but it’s pretty funny, definitely love your videos,

Sarah Sunshine says:

awww! you are? the best!

Tim Nilbog says:

Prettiest girl on Youtube! I love Sarah! ( ^? o ^ ) /

Eddie X says:

Easy,? cause she’s not racist.

TheAdrianMc says:

I? like it!! Cant wait to see more! Don’t play too much on the white girl thing! You are way too pretty and blonde to get into a vibe where everyone will just know you as the pretty blonde white girl! lol Love what you’re doing though!

Street Light says:

This? is so funny.


Lol you are pretty? even when you are being silly whooooa!!!!’

Von Nola says:

Lol..”Ain’t nothing shacking.” ?

MissParkerTV says:

LOL. im? so done with you!

ey3King says:

Black guys always switching it up like ice cream? flavors. Lol.

Daren Bobb says:

Sarah isnt a big girl shes in amazing shape lol and as a black guy she? seems cool to be hang out with lol

benalc11 says:

Question, why are you always? surrounded by black guys?

BlvckdiingoComedy says:

Lol Sarah? is sexy though

ThePlasticBowl says:

3:10? when you hit him he just stopped for a second

Aviad Shely says:

Why? is every reason about black people?

Sarah Sunshine says:

thank you so? much!!

CrinkleyCrewms says:

“She still walkin too..walking? ugh walkin” Lmao you got some really funny videos keep it up

Sarah Sunshine says:

LOL. No.?

entrebizz says:

You should add something about white girls being taken seriously in? the industry. I think that would really tie your song together.

kelvin freire says:

im guessing ur love for black people come from the fact ur a? big girl and they like that




Mi mean allllll dat kinda tru kinda truuuuuuu lol……But mi like mi like Nice Video? B-)



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