Jen Selter – 5- years transformation to be Fitness Model- Women’s Health

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Jen Selter -5 years transformation to be Fitness Model- Woman’s Health


Beauty Fitness Model .
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Beautyful Fitness Model

Jennifer Selter 22 years old

Height: 168 cm (5’6 )
Weight: 57 kg (126 lbs)
Bra/Bust Size: 10B | 32B
Waist Size: 58 cm | 23 in
Hip Size: 91 cm | 36 in
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She’s not a singular phenomenon: fitness fanatics and semi-anonymous physique models (almost always women) are as integral to Instagram as shots of toes, sunsets, and brunches served on tables made of reclaimed wood. There are hard bodies, like @FollowtheLita, and softer bodies, like Selter’s favorite, @AshleySky. Yogis are their own special subset.
Caitlin Turner, aka @gypsetgoddess, a yogi with over 120,000 followers (who says she’s also a @jenselter fan), says, “Living a fit lifestyle has become a huge phenomenon in our society, so it’s not surprising that it has also become a phenomenon on Instagram. People love to feel inspired, and the yogis of Instagram are definitely an inspiring and friendly group.”
Selter says that she, too, is in it for the inspiration, and her rear is just an end to that end. She is savvy enough to know that a shot of her (admittedly very cute) dog only snags a few hundred new follows, and that doesn’t really help the 20-year-old’s overall goal: to motivate people to be healthy and fit. “Motivate” comes up many times in conversation with Selter.
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Still, “It’s so crazy. I never expected [my following] to get as high as it did. When my friends graduated from high school, I went to cosmetology school for makeup, and on the side I was working at a gym. And I’ve always been a social media freak. The computer, tumblr, facebook, et cetera,” she explains by phone from New York City, where she is the spokesperson for a fitness company called Gameplan Nutrition (a gig, soon to be followed by her own line of workout clothes, courtesy of her immense social-media success)
From all the working out at the gym job, she explains, her butt began to plump up. As a teenager, she hadn’t considered herself model-y or a workout fanatic, and nobody had commented on her backside being remarkable. She was a self-proclaimed computer nerd who found college to be “a waste of time unless you know what you want to do.” And Selter seemed to know what she wanted to do.Related: A Body for SIN: My Week as a V.I.P. Gym Rat
“I noticed that fitness was a big thing on Instagram. So I made an account called @motivationforfitness. I would post random motivated people working out, because I love motivating quotes, and people working out.Then she created a tumblr, toofit2quit (which has since become jenselter), where she posted pictures of herself. More established fitness accounts began reblogging her photos without credit, so she reached out to each person and site to ask that they link back to her, and the magic began to happen.
Though the @jenselter account is her main stage, @motivationforfitness now has 329,000 followers, and her Facebook fan page has 486,111 likes. Once her personal handle hit 300,000 followers, sponsorship and “shout-out” offers piled up, from companies like Nike, Lululemon and New Balance (to name three of her favorites). Though Selter declines to put exact figures on-record, she can make thousands for a simple selfie by the barbells. Her sole concern is not money, though.
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Emily Lee says:

Hello Jen, great motivation! It's all about perseverance. Btw your bust also got boosted. From workout too??

Health Fitness says:

Not bad but i have good enough tips.?

Anne Coops says:

3:31 throwing apples with the culo ? "ridiculo " ridiculous"?

s marie says:

Her ass makes her legs look way too skinny?

Naomi Montero says:

hi! have a question, how many days y need to work my butt, to get it bigger? hope you answer??

Mike Wilson says:

she lived in houston for a bit too?

nancy says:

she's a "butterface" yuck.
omg. jen GET A LIFE !!! For God's sake no one cares about your ass. you look skinny and flabby everywhere else and your ass looks like a ball of toilet paper in your underwear. it's all wrong. need thicker thighs to look good.?

L.A. Poet_48 says:

definitely a PAWG?

Mary Goldwel says:

No leg , arm and shoulder muscles …. Not the type of motivation i am looking for .?

etruscus74 says:

Hai un cuscino dentro le mutande??? :-o?

Kelley Small says:

That angle in the above picture?? F-A-K-E. My God how could anyone think otherwise? You can also tell by the way it moves and doesn't contract. Fake. Just like the others, Yo Ventura, Sommer Ray, Katia Elyse Henry.?

Sou Mou says:

nice video well made and inspiring but she shows off her butt wait too much.?

ThaDarkh20 says:

i feel bad for your lower lumbar. seriously…..thats half butt, and half lower lumbar pelvic anterior tilt. Her erectors, thoracolumbar, and probably psoas muscle groups are going to be so fucked up in 10-15 years.?

Johan l says:


stupidcakeboy says:

So this is like bicep curling but for ur butt.?

Alexander Bittner says:

Well….i have to admit, but this is too much ass or at least Train other parts of the Body. but ist just my opinion =)?

Jenny Walvinne says:

parece uma ram kkkkkk?

????? ????????? (?????????) says:

??? ?????? ??????? ?? ???????? ????? ?????

Daija LEE says:

Seriously has the best posture I've ever seen?


so fake. lmao.?

Black Panther says:

Everyone wants ass and tits now!?

tanrada ploy says:

Nice butts girl?

X El says:

You started from the bottom and now you're at the top. You had a good crack at it. You're certainly no bum.?

Mankash911 says:

We call that fat injection in the ass.?

grarosting says:

she doesnt even lift?

Dopp3lGanger says:

zero leg development, nice fat injections into the butt, 100% motivation….?

Anca Marangoci says:

no back pain form that exercise positions??

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