Kpop Weight Loss: Before And After Video

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Kpop Weight Loss: Before And After Video

Disclaimer: this video doesn’t promote any ideal size or encouragement to lose weight. All Kpop idols mentioned in this video are pretty in their own way and shape. Media enforces an unrealistic image and size to young and impressionable minds to look a certain way. In reality even celebs and Kpop idols find it hard, just stay healthy. Please also consider the time frame between the comparison videos.

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Song: amber – beautiful

Kpop Idols mentioned in this video:
1. Exid Hani 2014 & 2017 (up down)
2. Red velvet Wendy 2015 & 2017 (dumb dumb)
3. Snsd taeyeon 2010 & 2015 (gee)
4. F(x) Luna 2012 & 2015 (electric shock)
5. Orange caramel lizzy 2012 & 2015 (lipstick)
6. After school Uee 2009 & 2014
7. AOA seolhyun 2013 & 2014 (confused)
8. Twice Jihyo 2016 & 2017 (cheer up )
9. Gfriend umji 2015 & 2017 (me gustas tu)
10. Secret Jieun 2011 & 2015 (love is move)
11. Miss a Suzy 2011 & 2013 (breathe)
12. Sunmi 2014 & 2017 (24 hours)
13. Apink eunji 2011 & 2013 (I don’t know)
14. Sistar soyou 2015 & 2017 (shake it)
15. IU 2013 & 2017 (red shoes)
16. Red velvet Joy 2015 & 2016 (dumb dumb)
17. Sulli 2012 & 2013 (hot summer)
18. Snsd yoona 2010 & 2016 (gee)
19. Gayoon 2012 & 2015 (hot issue)
20. Gugudan mina 2016 & 2017 (wonderland)
21. Secret hyosung 2014 & 2015 (I’m in love)
22. DIA chaeyeon 2016 & 2017 (mr.potter)
23. Girls day minah 2016 & 2017 (darling)
24. Snsd yuri 2010 & 2017
25. Aoa jimin 2013 & 2017

I DO NOT own any photo/video & audio in this video
No Copyright Infringement Intended. Entertainment Purposes Only.


Yaya Lieya says:

Apink Eunji fighting…

HellFlame says:

Kyla should watch this

Wicomaus says:

I think you should write that it's all about female idols in the video.Otherwise, some continue to write why BTS is not featured in the video 🙁

K Poop says:

lizzy looks like a gush of wind can break her


sunmi looks the same

do you know chi ase namida says:

I mean , didn't lose weight is natural if you're and idol EVEN THOUGH you're not dieting? I mean come onnnn , they practiced their dance moves over , over and over again . Its like a workout and you tend to lose more weight. Lmao just my opinion tho no hate ?

Meghan Rain says:

if the before was considered bad then what the hell am I!?!? T-T

Ines Almeida says:

7:10 That's Jihyun Not Gayoon.

Sofea Kwan Igual says:

Some of them i prefer before

supremo shaider says:

Jihyo is a goddess. Before and after

Bangtan's illegurl says:


Minionnn NH says:

Their leg doesn't look normal in the after video tho. Its all skin and bone. I love them in the past

Dexylicious says:

I honestly prefer IU older version ..

Dexylicious says:

Its funny when Alot of people in the outside world think .. "wow omg they lost weight! Good job on them!"
But dont realise the fact that kpop idol companies and managers force them to stay by a strict diet and mostly starve them for an ideal body for the purpose of audience appeal..

Romy 999 says:

I think in 5:07 2015 better than 2017?


Idols that are too skinnyyyy now: Lizzy, Uee, IU, Sunmi,… :((( But Umji, Joy, Wendy, Seolhyun,… are all diet-successfully!!! (I wish I could be like them)

ByBay 19 says:

Gayoon or Jihyun ..?? 6:597:21 >___<

Luani Claire says:

Lizzy really bothered me. That's not healthy.

Susanna Jung says:

When you get from skinny to EVEN SKINNER, *sigh*.

??? says:

Sorry,but 6:59
the left is Jihyun
the right is Gayoon….

Sunny • says:

Sunmi and Soyou look the same so idk why they're in a "weight loss" vid. All these girls look beautiful before and after?

ye F says:

Lizzy v?i Uee g?y lòi x??ng luôn r?i

weare sonyeondan says:

I'm sorry but Gayoon's videos are wrong… The before video is Jihyun! Not Gayoon! You even see Gayoon slip behind Jihyun…

??? KimHyoyeon says:


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