Leg, Glute & Foot Massage Techniques: Thai Massage Tutorial with Robert, Relaxing Voice & Music

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Leg, Glute & Foot Massage Techniques: Thai Massage Tutorial with Robert Gardner, Relaxing Voice & Music

Learn Thai Massage techniques for low back pain, leg and foot pain. This video has relaxing music and a soft male voice that can help you fall asleep and may have Soft Spoken ASMR effects.

Robert Gardner is a licensed massage therapist practicing in Austin Texas. He teaches Thai Massage and is available for massage therapy sessions.

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Music by iChill Music Factory
Song: Golden Glow
Album: Natural Beauty

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kbreeze247 says:

P.s Mandy's pretty feet does make it pleasant to watch.?

kbreeze247 says:

I've watched 2 of his videos so far and performed these techniques on some of my clients. THEY LOVE IT !!!!! I'm truly a fan Robert.

Ryan D. says:

good looking mod3l

Áš?DuMbaZe DøÑ says:

where is melissa ? ??

kamalkishor kalantri says:

audio very poor

utku can uraner says:

who is she ?

David Jerome says:

History : Mr. Bentley on The Jeffersons was the first person to perfom ashiatsu. He would do it on George Jefferson.

Gladiolator C says:

Thanks for this class!!!

Alex DeLarge says:

13:49 hahahaha

Margaret Breen says:

Love your videos Robert they are soooo relaxing and I think your great, wish we had one like you who lived near me.????

GwopUpEnt says:

My boy needs to drop his own therapist clothing line !! I got the street promo ??

mharec jhodyyn says:

What's your opinion on that…thanks!

mharec jhodyyn says:

Robert, is it all uncomfortable, in the message since, to get as intimate with female clients as you shown with Mandy? Just curious most hubbies or boyfriends might not like knowning their girls are being touched like this.

mharec jhodyyn says:

Mandy is so cute all the way down to her painted toes! ?

Ruth Karen says:

That looks amazing.

Susan S says:

Wish I was Mandy!

Chris says:

More Thai and Ashiatsu videos please

woodcutting4fun says:

FYI psychetruth- when I hit the links below for related videos it all comes up as video not found.

Gwendolyn P.M. says:

I have pain in these areas. This seems like the the perfect massage! It feels good just to watch this. Need this in my life!

Wingy Gaming says:

Another top video from the main man. Great work bro. One suggestion though a new model. Seen this lady on a few videos and she can barely take any pressure. Get Corina back, or someone who can take a bit of work.

Yeshua Christ says:

I miss aetha jezik, whatever happened to her?

Donald Trump's Lips says:

I'd be so weirded out and disgusted if my massage therapist put their dirty bare feet all over me. Good way to spread athlete's foot. Eww.

Vanessa Kinsey says:

Sorry but I can't take an unhealthy looking massage therapist seriously. This guy looks like he just ate everything in the house then came to work in his pajamas.

Michelle Kaminer says:

Always happy to see Robert on here! ??

Rebekah Funches says:

Yus! More massage!!?

Lovebug says:

This looks fabulous. I would love to have this done.

AmyKnits says:

Another great video by Robert! I love watching him work and he has such a soothing voice. Maybe some ASMR videos are in his future? Great job, Robert! Thank you! 🙂

Janay23 says:

Yay! Robert is my favorite!

Jason MILLER says:

Rub cute butts and get paid for it??
I should have been a massage therapist! :"(
Pisses me off!

luciela padilla says:

I have insomnia and I find massages before bed are the only thing that helps me sleep. But I didn't know just watching it how relaxed and at ease I feel. ?? finally found a way to put myself to sleep. Great video, new techniques for my boyfriend to learn.

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