Legs, Butt, Abs and Shoulder Toning Workout | No Equipment

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Target your legs, butt, calves, abs and shoulders with this dynamic, equipment free workout! Repeat 2-3 times and be sure to leave a comment with how you did, and what you liked about the workout! AND if you want a good laugh… turn on the captions!

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Chau Nguyen Minh says:

thank you for your workout!!

eunkang koh says:

Yeah~ new exercise! Thank you!

AnewAiri says:

nice one 🙂 thx

Gyurim Kim says:

it took only 10mins to finish but i am still sweating..very nice workout! Thank you Kelsey?

Jayden48 James says:

u know ur leg workouts are like?, there good ?though

diellgi says:

do you have more exercises for the butt that are easy on the knees since i have knee injuries .

Erkan Issi says:

Thanks Kelsey, your trainings are perfect every time

FredyHannover says:

I totally LOVE this workout! Probably one of my most fave by far (done by you ) …. The music made me feel like a super-woman!

Blacknredrose 3737 says:

This was intense and I only did it once because I didn't have time.I'm going to use this as my daily work out thank you Kelsey!

jimlaregina says:

1:27 – a good time to pray that you won't fall on your face doing this.

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