Lightyear Wireless May Just Be The Next Billion Dollar MLM Telecommunication Company

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YOu can read my full report here:


Kyle Kingma says:

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SVPMatt says:

Thanks for? clarifying Troy. I watched the video and you do a great job.

SVPMatt says:

Great research Troy. Please then tell us if Fortune, 5Linx or ACN offer refurbished, outdated or overpriced cellular phones?

After you do your search you’ll find ONLY LYA offering prices higher than the store on equipment that is outdated.

Thanks? for the video though….I thought it was an unbiased report….we now can see you’re actually a rep. Maybe you just now learned for yourself the pricing.

I am glad to be of assistance and best of luck with your new business.

SVPMatt says:

Refurnished, outdated and overpriced phones. ? You guys had a good run, I just saw Luigi left as did PSVP Walsh. It was a good hype run, but the facts are out now.

SVPMatt says:

The reason the customers are purging so fast is because the pricing is out of line with? the market.

The future regulatory issue is with the website selling pyramid.

mypiggypearls says:

everything you said is true….but i didn’t care for ‘paying’? lightyear so much money to make money….they weren’t 1005 honest in how things worked…and they kept changing things…i made moiney but spent much more each month..

realcsmith says:

Troy thanks for the? very unbiased view on a great company! I also appreciate all that you do to keep networkers honest and up to speed.

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