Lil Uzi Vert – Neon Guts feat. Pharrell Williams [Official Visualizer]

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karter sayles says:

Needs to win

IcySwisher 2 says:

reminds me of steven universe

MC Ramonstro Ofc says:

444+222=666 333+333=666 555+111=666

Shawn Savant says:

"Fresh just like Carlton, I kill em with Will" Damn Uzi, Got me missing my childhood and shit

diogo gameiro says:

he almost dropped a video for each song

Reverse Cuts says:

I got a tutorial on these official visualizer animations!

Captain Punchie says:

I love this song

David Higdon says:

The beat is dope, but sorry, I don't hear anything new here. Same old same old.

SavageShimada says:

The music video for this song is going to be lit, metaphorically and literally.

Bryanna Ruiz says:


Victor dARKO says:

Looks like Scott Pilgrim vs the world video game

Ayrese Bautista says:

This is some rick and morty opening vibe

Angelo Woods says:

"Flooded my chain and its gucci
I don't want that girl she moody"

Lucas Rincón M says:

Rejjie Snow doesn't approve.

xRAzorxDicex says:

steven universe urban spin off trailer clip

cameron james says:

this how the visuals should be not this weird 666 stuff

Fodibih says:

My brother is french but he sing and rap in english.
I would like to have the american people opinions on these two songs : Olympia / Highlighter.
You can also give me your feedback if you’re not american of course 😉

Les français qui passent par là, donnez de la force aussi si vous kiffez !! 😀

Kiid Buu says:

To anyone reading this, please hear me out. I'm an up an coming rapper/producer out of LA and I've been devoting countless months to my craft. I do all of my own production, mixing, and writing. If even ten people checked me out it would mean the world to me. I love hip hop and I will be a culture driving artist in a year. Thank you so much for giving a new artist a chance. Stay up.

Baraka Young says:


joel morales says:

This is probably the only vid that looks like it would make sense?but I still got much love for uzi tho??


Wtf, how did this song win

Racks_ xp says:

I got my own lights burn it pussy read this comment when your high uzi ?

Ghost Wave Records says:

Aw shit i wanted the whole video to start in that tunnel so bad . damnit .

PorkChop III says:

He stole this idea from rejjie snow tho

Anthony Gonzales says:

Who else watching all of the videos before 1 mill

Tyree Bryant says:

Lil Uzi just made my day


Great animation, dope vibe. ?


Great animation, dope vibe. ?

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