Losing Weight on a Vegan Diet: Maximum Weightloss Program

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Maximum weightloss program explained:
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Caloric density:

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Anna Lessing says:

I'm gonna start this program on January 1st for 66 days, I am really suspicious for new recipes and hopefully I can stick to the program for the whole 66 days ??

phantomofoaktown says:

not me, I had to calorie restrict and eat only spinach for breakfast and green beans for lunch and eat 2 baked potatoes for dinner, but snacked very little on my dinner time potatoes through out the day to feel satiated, that worked for me and I lost a lot of weight. 800 calories a day

Beatrice Powell says:

Lastly, I came across a diet that is simple to follow. Rapidly, I will certainly lose 7 more lbs with β€œsowo amazing plan” (make sure to google it! ).

whofooadventures says:

My wife and I read "The Starch Solution" by Dr. John McDougall and have lost weight easily without weighing, measuring or counting calories. Btw, your video quality is good, but if you aren't happy with iMovie I would suggest Final Cut Pro. It rocks!

Izzie I says:

You are SO cute!! It's actually refreshing watching you. πŸ™‚

Majo Gf says:

Also, can I cook with oil or no oil completely? If i can't use it, what can I cook with so the food doesn't stick to the pan?

Majo Gf says:

Can I eat like French fries or not since they were fried in oil?

Sarah Thomson says:

I'm screwed then being gluten intolerant… lol can't eat wheat barley or rye

blimy01 Maynard says:

How are you able to lose weight eating potatoes and white rice?

The L.Z Show says:

i can eat as much as i want potatos..say whaa

Clara Denzin says:

What about smoothies ?

Lica Leu says:

Hello i recently discovered ur channel and i like ur videos a lot! I try to lose 10 pounds this way. but there are some little problems/ questions: are rolled oats / oatmeal okay? And i eat a little bit of dark chocolate every day …. cant miss it. and exercise is really not my thing. i do sport twice a week and i walk every day. i hope that i will still lose some wight :DD

Oceane Cohen says:

Hi! I think that the problem with this diet is that only calories are taken in account although they are not counted. A lot of foods have high calorie count but have also a lot of other qualities that will help with weight loss.
Calories are not the only thing that matter in weight loss and healthy living.
First of all avoiding all fatty food is ABSURD: your brain needs far to function and thrive. Avocados, nuts and coconuts are highly finery too and this helps a lot with fat loss (paradoxically). Eliminating this food group completely is against a healthy diet.
Whole fruits VS fruit puree: fruits still contain high doses of fructose which IS SUGAR anyway. We need sugar but in small quantity.

Starchy foods are fine but slow carbs should be eaten in controlled portions. You SHOULD watch your portions otherwise you will find you will have carences.

Honestly after going clean vegan I lost a lot of weight simply by having a very balanced, controlled (mainly raw) diet. It's about common sense.
Variety, Seasonability, Balance…AND MACROS are what you should focus on really. you CAN have a bit of EVERYTHING in reasonable and sensible amount and frequency.

A lot of people I met put on a lot of weight on a starchy diet, focus on veggies first (mainly leafy greens), beans, probiotics, amino acids…etc.

Hope this helps. I still took some tips from this video but it is hugely flawed because based on the faulty concept that to lose weight you simply have to reduce calories. Unfortunately there are a lot of other factors.
And don't forget: to speed up your weight loss, exercise will always be top of the list πŸ™‚


Lizzie Beatty says:

Whats the thought on plant milks? Does he mention that in the book?

J N says:

I lost 5lbs in 10 days on this diet.

courtney Vegan says:

what accent is that?

Alex Shea says:

Definitely interested! Can't win to try!

Fruity Liana says:

Just subbed to you! πŸ™‚ thanks for this video, now it's so clear to me πŸ™‚

Martina Privato says:

this got me super curious. I'm going to try it. xx

teesha123 says:

I personally began my weight loss journey a year ago. Slowly cutting out 1 thing, then another, and despite a bit of yo-yoing i have steadily lost 11 kilos at my best, but hover within a 2-3 kg area. I am only aiming to lose that last few, another 3 kg on top of my lowest and i will be at my natural weight (before i gained weight). Can't wait! πŸ™‚ I do need to be a bit more stern with avoiding salt, and fat and yes! keeping it simple. Those are my only weaknesses left!

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