Lyoness Worldwide Clarification – The Focus In ONLY On The Lyoness America Comp Structure

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Close This video and post is a clarification that our concern and focus in ONLY on Lyoness America, not Lyoness Worldwide.

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romzone says:

Seventh7Art is? right on the money.

Troy Dooly says:

This is positive news. A company? taking proactive messages to protect the whole of the company is good news.

Troy Dooly says:

Dr. Kevin, I am? not sure the meaning of your comment. I am not humbled about anything I have said or written on Lyoness. However, clarity when people are confused due to something I have said, or written is a responsibility I do not take lightly.

Dr Kevin Campbell says:

Humbled again I see?

Seventh7Art says:

It is 100% verified that a large number of Lyoness members have been terminated, in many countries, for spreading false information regarding the program and presenting it as an investment opportunity. IF you make a downpayment, say 5%, for future purchases? (vouchers), you have two options: Either pay the rest of it and get the products/Walmart vouchers etc, OR you create a downline and? through bonuses and commissions that you earn from their consumption and/or downpayments, you pay the rest!!!

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