Mariah Carey Has Lost More Than 30 Pounds Since Weight-Loss Surgery (Exclusive)

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More from Entertainment Tonight:
A source tells ET Mariah Carey is feeling better than ever after undergoing gastric-sleeve surgery in November.


Jelani Martin says:

She just always looks so phenomenal I swear it would hurt to look at her in a good way becuz she's so damn sexy and beautiful and she's hella fierce Yass MIMI #MariahCarey #ILoveYouMariahCarey

viviam rivera says:

Sooo happy for her.

kid n'play says:

Wait, why was everyone trashing on wendy williams when she talked about it on her show like it was ONLY a rumor????? Dis bitch really had the surgery??? Like she was so fat she couldn't pick her lazy diva ass up off the couch and go to the damn gym. Really, girl???? Tf.

factfeeder777 says:

She looks different from the pictures they show and the videos they show lol..

Davies Sidney says:

Doesn't look different to me. I think it will really start to show when she loses weight on her face. If she can get there. I don't know how people do it, but a number of people have done that holistic treatment and the results are incredible. Rick Ross, Christina Aguilera, Laura Govan, Julie Kay (The pornstar) etc are some examples of people who have made those transformations I am talking about.

If her people are telling her she looks amazing, they are lying to her. Her face is still thick.

But why do I care.

Jose Francisco Medeiros says:

Good for her, I need to also go back on the Atkins diet and lose 75 lbs, unless I have a 75lb tumor.

Polish & Beautiful says:

zamiast mniej ?re? zrobi?a operacje ?o?adka zeby go zw??y? rusz dupe to schudniesz !

BEBA Pagan says:

Good, She is Happy and She Feels Confident.

WWE RAO says:


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