Mariah Carey’s Weight Loss Surgery

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Mariah Carey had weight loss surgery and the feud between Kanye and Jay Z heats up.


Pablo Escobar's Search Block says:

I love Suzanne lol

Pablo Escobar's Search Block says:

You look like a real princess. NOT HER! NOT HERRR ?

Chanel Oberlin says:

Wendy should Take out some of her boob fat and place it on her booty to balance it out! Girl, You need to have a booty if you have that Big melons.

One Love says:

She's hilarious! "I bit my tongue!!!"

Maria Ford says:

Bit her tongue…stroke.

Luis Perez says:

Omarosa got married months ago. WTF?!! OLD NEWS!

Santucci Pontarelli says:

Wendy too skinny

Cannot Say says:

wendy is human thrash

Hawk eye says:

Mariahs weight always yo-yo's.

Angeline Bell says:

Wendy shut the f – up You don’t know what you talking about what about your surgery

Nichole McKenzie says:

No Wendy do not have to talk about her husband alleged cheating…her job is to talk about Hollywierd mess!

RanZ M. says:

I'm sorry but Suzanne can be really annoying, not funny. She just tries to hard and it shows, sorry honey, but just shut up and do your job. Your not funny, you make me want to change the channel just so I don't have to hear your annoying Voice,Suzanne! !

zero lamperouge says:

Look who's talking when will this Botox queen will stop talking so full of herself

Divine Fleming says:

She don't want NOBODY making new music Lol

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