MLM Attorney Kevin Thompson On The Cancer Holding Back Network Marketing

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Close MLM Attorney Kevin Thompson wrote a great legal editorial on the cancer holding back the MLM industry. Learn more over at MLM …

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working2helpyou says:

I totally agree, we should all work together, network marketing is the best industry to be in. BUT we must keep ALERT for corporations/competition that want to label MLM as a SCAM, as they hate competition. They don’t want people to be empowered nor wealthy as they strive on the people to make them rich dependant. We the People Must be Out there MORE? talking to average people. Like the saying goes the rich keep getting richer off the poor people. I say tope funding corporations. Lets work 2gethr

DeweyDeway22 says:

Great video Troy! I couldn’t agree more with your message. Your passion for the industry is clearly shown. We, as distributors are responsible for collaborating with each? other and showing the world why this is the greatest opportunity in the world.

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