MLM Company Review: Is Zeekler aka Zeek Rewards Legit Business Or Short Term Money Game

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There has been a lot said about Zeek Rewards lately. This video is just the primer of a longer review coming out in 2012.


Paul Munsie says:

My family (inlaws) were in Lyoness and I avoided it because I was? already in Lyoness. I am sorry for any of you that have been hurt in Zeek. When Dr. Keith Laggos spoke of Zeek, he mentioned ha had started a position in Lyoness. Keith is the number one authority on MLM’s in America. He stated Lyoness is the next hottest thing to hit America. I can tell you that is true. Lyoness is what I do full time? & I will explain the business to you and help you build your own Lyoness.

Robert McCarthy says:

Reckoner1987 has nothing better to do then post bad comments? on people channels. Wow his life must really suck. I have subscribe to his channel just to find out what other dumb crap he is going to say next. He is the coolest person ever lol.

Reckoner1987 says:

Sorry for your loss… I tried? to warn you and others.

Reckoner1987 says:

Sorry about your loss… I tried to warn you and others.?

kaydenseil says:

Also why? do you dress yourself like a 20 year old?

kaydenseil says:

Hey Troy, how are you feeling right about now you fool. You hyped this thing up and people lost so much? money.

suz208 says:

The point is now MOOT!! Zeek is dead and gone. I’m looking for another business that doesn’t depend on SOMEONE else to? make me money.

PartyLasVegasVIP says:


Muriithi Kiaira says:

If you’re in Zeek Rewards, and you have NOT yet taken out your money and put it into Motor Club of America…..what are you waiting for??? Ya’ll know Zeek? is shuttin down, so why not make money in a REAL company that has been around for 80+ years and won’t have? any issues with the attorney generals office 😉
It’s only $40 people…..most of you “supposedly” made that in your? sleep with Zeek daily…….hahahahahaha
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Adam Kearney says:

If you like I can help guide you through Zeek. We have developing a good team of people helping people. Feel free to contact me. and.or Skype Kearneygroups

Eugene Fung says:

Being a member, what should I do first? What membership should I? start with for the first time?

Brent Bouma says:

If you are looking at joining Zeek Rewards and don’t want to? be left high and dry once you join you should really consider contacting me at 204 229-7766. I am currently a member with Zeek and have? built a huge team.

112jungle says:

Fact: Nearly 100% of the revenue generated by zeekrewards is from via member purchases (investments in bids with the sole purchasing motivation being to convert them into points for the daily ROI offered) and thus the same is true of? where the money these companies are paying out comes from. This company will go bust sooner then later in my hop

Tikiman03 says:

It’s free to check out.? Go to: /moneytalks87.zeekrewards. com….best decision you’ll ever make.

Tikiman03 says:

It’s free to? check out. Go to: /moneytalks87.zeekrewards. com….best decision you’ll ever make.

ForexBrasil2009 says:

I joining in the Zeekler Rewards and paid subscriptions Silver $10 and my account is not actived.
Please, help me from activate my account
My batch from Solid Trust Pay is:
Date : 06-24-2012 IP Address :
Product : Silver Subscription
Subscriber : weichert2012
Subscriber Email :
Merchant : zeekrewards
Merchant Email :
Subscription Amount : $10? Transaction ID # : 271329447
Thank you for choosing SolidTrust Pay
Zeekler Username:fishermax

PrizeWinnerUK says:

New better Auction site, Sneekit .com like them on Facebook to get free credits. Fast sign up with no bank details needed? also.

Rafsun Zany says:

Hihi, have you considered this program called the Intellitus Cash? System? (Google it). My buddy says it earns people lots of cold hard cash.

Daniel Tabak says:

I must be going CRAZY. I’m? giving away up to 50 FREE bids to play in my? penny auction site
50 Bids is worth? $30.00!!! I am going Crazy!!!! Sign up for Free today, and
I’ll load your account with Bids! WIN WITH ME!!!!!

hot2makemoney says:

I like? ZR so match but we all need some extra money. I’ve found a cheap tools to make more money in ZR business and also to make a great money from promoting that tools 🙂 I’m so happy and I want to share it with everybody. Check my video channel to get more details

donbone5 says:


When you give away VIP bids (free bids) to customers, they are able to participate in the “beginner auctions” – which are iphone cases, DVD’s – things of this nature, but with the “Premier auctions” and “Penny auctions” where? they are selling ipads and cars, a customer must purchase bids in order to participate in the premier auctions. The bid giveaway helps new-bee’s get the hang of the online penny auction rhythm before purchasing bids for the nicer items -hope this helps


Almost nobody is buying the bids on a retail basis, why would anybody buy bids when they are giving them away for free, most people would not buy the bids.
How could you compete in a auction when you have people with hundreds of free bids you? CANT.

Marcio Lima says:

ZkApps places Ads automatically for ZeekRewards affiliates everyday! Over 11,000 Ads? placed already. You can try it for FREE for 15 days. Visit ‘zkapps[dot]com[slash]about’ to know more.?

Reckoner1987 says:

thought you had thousands of dollars in profit and thought it was going to grow and grow. In my opinion it’s a scam and when the bubble bursts thousands of people are going to be had. Think about the way it’s set up. They don’t want you to cash out, they want you to invest more and more, and people are hooked because they see there profits rising. To me, it seems unsustainable. But that’s just my opinion.?

Reckoner1987 says:

of money with this zeekrewards program,? but how much total profit do they have compared to everything they put in? Put in $10,000, a few months later cash out $3,000. Leave the rest in and even add more to watch your profits grow. Let’s say you invest $15,000 total, have cashed out $7,000 and the company goes bankrupt for being unstable or the Fed shuts them down. What happens to your virtual money in the account? You and thousands of other people are screwed. You’ve just lost 8 grand when you

Reckoner1987 says:

“A pyramid scheme is a non-sustainable business model that involves promising participants payment or services, primarily for enrolling other people into the scheme, rather than supplying any real investment or sale of products or services to the public”

In my? opinion, this is a borderline pyramid scheme, considering the product or service may be found illegal by the government, and that the investment isn’t guaranteed for a return. I hear a lot of people saying they’ve earned a large amount

Reckoner1987 says:

illegal according to the 2006 law, the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act, which prohibits banks from transferring funds to gambling websites.

I wouldn’t call that a safe and long-term business plan.? What’s going to happen to the affiliates virtual money in their virtual accounts when the company goes under or the Fed shuts them down?

Reckoner1987 says:

1. It is a horrible business model because they are relying on recruitments and investments from their affiliates for the majority of their profit. You may not want to call it investment, but that’s what I’m going to call it.

Invest- to put (money) to use in hope of profit

2. Penny auction sites are fairly new, and the federal and state government are looking into their legality.? They are going to look closer since they are getting so popular. They have been compared to gambling and may be

Reckoner1987 says:

I find it very interesting that the pro zeekler and zeekrewards’ videos do not talk about the actual product the? company is selling (penny auction site and bid packages). This leads me to believe that they make very little profit from the auction site and make the vast majority of their profits from “investors” and recruiting of new “investors”. This is a horrible business model and a pyramid scheme if the actual product doesn’t matter.

Mary Dickman says:

SO…where is that review on? Zeek???

Mique Copple says:

14 years

Alicia Garner says:

You can have as many people at the same address join as you want as long as they all sign up with your sponsor.. So yes you can! You just can’t sign up under your husband. ? And the social numbers used must be different. So you use yours, he uses his and you both can buy up to 10k in bids each..

kadag S says:

yeah i got the parent company’s been 15 years… just wanna know when did zeekrewards started? so it started on jan 2011, im asking because im presenting Zeekrewards in my class.. thank you?

kadag S says:

how long is? Zeekrewards been in program???

itsnotsoepicmealtime says:

This is not a scam, my? grandfather has made over $800 in three months and thats with 1 ad per day, doing nothing. If you want some free bids on zeekler, you can check out my? page and I can get you like 50 for free.? Just check it out.

htt p://

Nanoo Rani says:

I have a question my husband buy 6 k and he is now? at 12k points. Let me ask u if i wanna join can i buy 10 k bids even thou we r husband and wife and same address and i Know sponsor has to be the same who sponsor my husband but i wanna make sure can i also join or not ??? looking forward to hear from u soon.

LucasLevon says:

I love Zeekrewards!! Day 62 and I’ve tripled my money; from 750 now to 2,263. Looking foward to the launch of? Bidify as well this week. Like Zeek, only 120 day point retirement calander. For more info email me at or to sign up before the launch this weekend, my page @ I’m in the CEO of bidify’s downline 😉

freelightyear says:


freelightyear says:

Ok so it’s not another cheesy network marketing system. So what? Scared to make some real money? Message me, I’ll show you how? to do it.

joohnib says:

I invite you to? register to my group zeekrewards: joohnib.zeekrewards

David Boozer says:


David Boozer says:

I agree with you, this guy is funny…He should stick to being and ANNAList. Also, all of the content created by? you Dooley is so anti-business…take down the flag behind you and let the entrepreneurs do their thing….Thanks.BTW, I know the attorney, very smart guy.

vlweb3d says:

Man, you’ve got it all wrong – do some? more research. You screwed up on the credits part.

Troy Rudd says:

lol Really?? Unless you live somewhere other than USA, not offshore. I can’t imagine how you could have gone to all that work to cancel your? account, and didn’t even know they are located in Lexington, NC – USA

climbingfast says:

Troy they are an a affiliate marketing company

Firstclassfred says:

This guy is a clown, totally ignore his BS all he ever does is moan and shit stir whenever a company looks like its becoming to successful, just a? big mouthed idiot !

Sonny Wolcott says:

troy, thank you so much for the informative insight about Z. Look forward to your in-depth analysis. Tell me though, if isn’t a true MLM by classification, is that a disadvantage, especially at tax time? As in any biz? venture, be it home-based or true networking, would there be an inherent reason why you would not receive the same tax incentives if it were structured as a direct marketing organization, thereby, not allowing you to deduct at the end of the year. Merry Christmas!

TalkFusionBroker says:

Big Problem is when you find out that it is a waste of time and energy that when you cancel your account they refuse to stop charging your credit card. I had cancelled my account,? got a email confirmation and they continued to charge me. I did a stop payment and they sent through another merchant service to get my money that way. I had to cancel my Credit Card and change my CC number to get away from this company. Stay Away from Zeek! They are an offshore mess.

Mark Mene says:

Look into it further. Every time time you are compensated/daily rewards , you? automatically are 1099 ‘d at the end of the year…

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