MLM News: 2012 YeaR in Review & Bill Ackman’s Statement Calling Herbalife a Pyramid

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Close This has been a great year in Direct Sales, Network Marketing aka MLM. This week we did see Advocate Investor Bill Ackman call…

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Philip Ponterio says:

Thanks Manisieera. Uplines have to stop telling people to make a list of 100 people? for a home meeting,buying leads,and hanging up magic posters. All of that is doomed for failure and a loss of a lot of money.

manisierra says:

that’s a great? point, training distributors.

Philip Ponterio says:

Good point manisierra. I believe Herbalife will win this battle with Bill Ackman. Herbalife has great leadership with Michael Johnson and they also have great products. Only problem they have is training their distributors? better.

manisierra says:

Ackman only sheds light on? HLF, A friend of mine told!!!!!!!!

Troy Dooly says:

Seems you have not been? keeping up to date. You might want to visit MLM HelP Desk for the most current info.

soarom1 says:

Go defend ZeekRewards some more.? Oh wait, they’re officially a closed ponzi.

Philip Ponterio says:

Hey guys. Watch tomorrow for a major announcement from Herbalife’s Anthony Powell.?

Philip Ponterio says:

I agree. I spoke? to my friend also in the mlm business. He feels coprporate america is afraid because their slaves might turn on them. I started Herbalife this year and I am now starting to make money with them.

Seventh7Art says:

Herbal Life has been operating since 1980. Amway is in business since 1959. MLM is a viable business model, no matter what Ackman said. It’s not going to fall.?

Philip Ponterio says:

Not sure if everyone has heard. Ackman stated when Herbalife will fall the rest of the MLM’s will also fall. Another hedge fund manager said all MLM’s should? be abolished like it is in China. Any reason for the attacks. A friend of mine told m that he feels MLM’s will hurt Corporate America.

Armando Molina says:

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cesar pires says:


Dale Myers says:

Happy Holidays Troy…Thanks for? launching me into Network Marketing… are the main reason I am now in Network Marketing.

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