MLM News: From Lyoness To Mary & Martha, We Cover Behind The Scenes & Breaking News

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Close This week we cover some exciting news and perspectives!


Robert Canner says:

Appreciate the fine reporting Troy. Here is a brief generic intro for one of the companies
you covered today; 1-800-738-2405 recorded message (2 minutes). Leave a message
if you like for more detailed info. One year of excellent experience with a company new? to the United States, but with a sterling 10 year track record internationally.

Troy Dooly says:


Not this time around. However, we are scheduling some specific time in the near future where I? will be doing public interviews, and where the company will address the issues that were originally raised.

Dr Kevin Campbell says:

Good job Troy. In about four years you will see Lyoness everywhere. National TV, sporting events, every store window and Lyoness card scanners? next to every cash register. It’s coming. And the industry will never be the same.

Seventh7Art says:

Are you going to upload videos of interviews? with Lyoness attorneys?

Seventh7Art says:

Keep up the good work, Troy!?

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