MLM News: MyLife Launch, ViSalus Update, DSA Stats, And Zeek Rewards Update

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Close This week we cover the new launch, ViSalus updates, the DSA gathering facts for regulators, and much more, includin…

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Jenny Fletcher says:

I cannot find Visalus/BodybyVi listed on the DSA website as a member. I have emailed the DSA? to try to find out whether their membership is still pending, refused or something else.

Perhaps someone here can help or comment. I’m not making any accusations, I’m not a distributor, only considering the company’s products at this stage.

Troy Dooly says:

Deb,? not sure. I hope he will come back and explain!

DebDeGrande says:

LOL!? Why is this person so dang upset??

Troy Dooly says:

Hmmm… Since this is a relationship business, it makes sense I will share with folks what I am doing and who I am visiting. However, in this case, I only give a shout out? to MyLife founders, and never mention one way or another on the business itself. And everything else came from public news sources. So again, I guess I just miss your point. And if you watch all the videos, then you would quickly see what is an editorial or personal perspective and what is just a news report.

divabikinis says:

Roflmao…..come on Troy, you travel around and promote your buddies. It seems like the reports are no? longer objective. Just my opinion – Dave

Troy Dooly says:

Really, and how so? I mean it would be great to have ALL these companies as clients, but since Zeek Rewards is closed, and the DSA doesn’t need me, I am not sure how you came to this conclusion. As a matter of fact at this stage of the game NONE of the companies mentioned this week are clients. But I sure? do love this profession.

divabikinis says:

Your announcements are getting to sound? like paid advertisement.

nicholas kemmerle says:

Troy don’t even bother? with people like that.

F. DeLeon Middleton says:

Bryan!!!!! First and foremost I think you owe Troy an apology for those unsupported remarks.or statements you made. Troy has helped more people than you can in? a life time.

Troy Dooly says:

Thanks Kevin! I love this profession and what it can do to help folks make a little extra money? and change their lives.

Troy Dooly says:

🙂 Bryan, not sure why you are yelling. Can you share exactly why you feel the way you do? It would help me to better understand how I have? offended you, and how I might make changes in the future.

Bryan Lund says:


Kevin Thomas says:

thank you… thank you … for keeping us update on all? MLM news…

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