MLM Stock Report: AL International aka Youngevity Release Q1 Financial Results

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Close Revenue Increases 11-Fold as Fully Merged Reporting Company! You can read all about it at MLM Help Desk.


Troy Dooly says:

Seriously? I just bought 2000 more shares! Not sue where? you have been but you may want to read some of my current editorials on this company and their stock 🙂 Not just what I see, but the 3rd party experts. By the way, my stock is at .16 🙂

dawgpound6766 says:

So how do you feel now Troy.. You would have lost almost 1/2 of the .30 share price since your video.. This company does nothing but line the pockets of Steve and his family. If you would have invested in this company when it was Javalution, your stock price would be .08/share right now.. This company does not make any profits on the bottom line.. Stock is diluted? to the max….

Judy Goff says:

Dave Briskie is brilliant. Now that he is CFO of Youngevity I look for great? things to happen. This stock is seriously undervalued. Scott Pumper – where are you!!!!!

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