MLM Weekly News: Founders Buy Back Their Company, Mergers And More News!!!

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Close This week we have seen mergers, founders getting control back of their company, and equity firms, acquiring more well-known direct sel…


Troy Dooly says:

Karson, Paul is living in his same home in Lexington. He? is still working closely with the Receiver through his attorneys to provide all the info they need, based on the latest info we have heard. Based on Court documents, Paul only made $11 million over the life of his company, which places his average annual income at about the same as most fulltime networkers. Not sure about all though who were called net winners who were at the top of the comp plan! That info is still to come!

karson myles says:

Just wondering if you know what happen to paul burks? Did he just make off with a bunch of money, liven the high life? on my expense? Have you ever seen the entire pyramid and whos names were on the top of it. do you know anyone who got millions off zeek. was an affiliate who did work daily recruiting in over 100 thousand dollars in two months making over 500 a day.. I am just intrigued by it and would love to know how big the pyramid got and were abouts i was on it.. thanks Troy

Kevin Thomas says:

thank you great info… thank? you …

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