MLM Weekly News: Network Marketing Companies Own Top Income Grossing Brands

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Close Youngevity owns top USA Coffee Brands, Vemma Hits $100 Million in first six months of 2013. Wall Street hates Blyth, parent co…


Troy Dooly says:

Mike I covered that in a stand alone? editorial.

Mike Womack says:

What do you know about Numis merging with Worldventures? Will numis be be going? away?

Troy Dooly says:

LOL… Thanks buddy!?

Billy Bryson says:

Great updates Troy. Thought you had fallen off the planet.? lol Keep on Rocking!

Troy Dooly says:

Thank you Miss Makisha?

Makisha Stiles says:

This is a awesome video. Love how you are sharing network marketing news.? Your energy is powerful.

Troy Dooly says:

Nicholas, been on the road most of the first half of the year. Now we have created a better mobile system? to make sure we are back on schedule.

Troy Dooly says:

I thought the name? fit well, and told Mel I would start using it!

Jarvis Barbee says:

Independent Professionals sounds good to me! ?

nicholas kemmerle says:

was getting worried didn’t have a post in awhile lol?

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