MLM Weekly News: Quaterly Network Marketing Financials, Pyramid Lawsuits, And MLM Mergers

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Close This week we cover the Wealth Masters International Lawsuit, ViSalus Falling Numbers, Vemma Rising Numbers, Lifemax merger and…


Troy Dooly says:

Well they started off slowly, but over the last few months? have started to catch some stream.

Joseph Shaw says:

Hey Troy, Haven’t seen anything from you on the coffee company Javita, what do ya think about? it?

Troy Dooly says:

I am reviewing the issues surrounding TelexFree and should have a review up shortly. One concern that has come out that doesn’t have anything to do with their pyramid/ponzi issues is they seem to have a policy (#20 I believe) that states the annual renewal fee? is a percentage of your annual sales. This could cause major issues for an independent professional. If you earn the money, then why would a company want a percentage of what you earned? This means the comp plan numbers are not correct!

Thiago Brandão says:

Troy, what do? you think about Telexfree?

Jesse Redd says:

Thank you for all the great info Troy! And I’m excited for our? evolution in Vitel & Shopping Sherlock

Troy Dooly says:

Thank you? sir

Dr Kevin Campbell says:

Good info? Troy

gdixonregeneca says:

oh yea Gooo? network marketing!

Dale Myers says:

My man! Thanks Troy!?

Seventh7Art says:

George Sorros invested in Herbalife?? Wow.

Kevin Thompson says:

There’s a lot of news in this? report! Great job, Troy. Love the energy.

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