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HAPPY NEW YEAR, EVERYONE! It is January 1st! It’s a new year – a fresh start. I hope that my story can help inspire you to make a positive change in your life. If I could change my life, so can you. IT’S YOUR TURN!! (Click to expand me and continue reading).

If you would like to know more about how I lost weight (diet, exercise, etc.), please check out my other videos and my Instagram (@jordanshrinks). I will be uploading many more videos this year so make sure to subscribe! Follow my Instagram for some daily inspiration. ?

As always, thank you so much for the endless support. You guys are incredible.

Special thanks to these two gems for providing the royalty-free music in this video.

Ross Bugden

Ender Guney
“Epic Cinematic Music”

INSTAGRAM: @jordanshrinks

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Bunny Alice says:

Thank you for this video you have inspired me and today was my first day at the gym.

Mango Megan says:

You are such a fucking inspiration. You have no idea what finding you on Instagram has done to me. I love your bad bitch attitude and dark humor and style. Thank you Jordan! <3

Hannah Gallagher says:

This video is so motivational, I love it!!

Bugzpudding says:

Give us your workout routine!

Amanda :D says:

2018 is my year. I’ve committed to a healthy diet and healthy routines. I’ve been eating healthy for 5 days and I’ve already seen a major change. Hopefully by 2018 I’ll be my goal weight.

jibberjammer11991 says:

I love your videos. I watch them all the time. Been working so hard and I’m down 16lbs in 4 weeks.
Thanks Jordan for helping me stay focused

Em Clem says:

loved this!

Flo Flo says:

Her 300lbs looks like my 188lbs.

I’m 5’4” how tall is?

MsSunhappy says:

I love that you are happy before and you are happy after. Yes, you may be happy with yourself even when you are overweight, however its always better to be happy and healthy for your own good!

oOLuluGamerOo says:

fuck Yes Thanks I will start Today!

rin_rink says:

I weighed myself for the first time in a few years. I was shocked. I knew I was big. But I didn't know I was that big. It's given me a reason to lose weight. I stumbled across your channel and you have given me such hope and motivation:) ily ?? Since Jan 4th I have been watching what I eat, drinking a shit ton of water that's recommended for my weight and have been walking everyday since. I also cut out Soda. Cause I am so addicted to it, I would have one or two a day. Just water, coffee and tea now. I actually haven't been craving soda at all! ? I'm going to weigh myself this week. A little nervous tho. Thanks for all your videos! Can't wait for more. Maybe a morning routine video?

Laura Elaine DeSilets says:

This made me cry. I am so floored and touched. You are a miracle. …but you worked very hard to face yourself. #CONGRATULATIONS Jordan. so proud 2018…You go girl !!!!????????????????

Ranae says:

I want to lose around 80 pounds, I seem to have more motivation this year than I did last year.


Leon Salmon says:

I hate it when people make up excuses for not losing weight. Your video shows that its possible it just takes hard work. You are an inspiration great job.

Lovely Living says:

You look amazing! Good job! You must be very proud of yourself! That is definitely not easy. <3

Nicole C says:

JORDAN!!!! Gurl get the THUG KITCHEN Cook book. You will not be sorry!!!

Owning Life says:

Beautiful transformation! I'm down 6 pounds my first week and hope to continue good progress, even if the weight loss slows down. I already feel loads better eating healthy and exercising daily (or at least walking the pup more often on days I can't workout).

EMhisss says:

I cried because this video is inspiring but at the same time I'm terrified. Terrified because I want what Jordan accomplished so badly it physically hurts, and I've wanted it for so long. And every time I've tried I've failed because I am weak mentally and was never able to commit. I'm about to move to another country to study in university and it's my plan to take control of my life when I do. I will eat healthier, go to gym(I love treadmills XD) and change my bad habits. But what terrifies me the most is that I will never succeed, never lose the 50kg I want to lose and stay fat, forever and ever.

Siltaya Dufva says:

You might need this :

Galina Tulman says:

Ummmmm you were not anywhere near 300lbs. Why dont you post a picture of you at 300lbs standing on the scale. I've been following you and u are full of shit. 300lbs my ass, please….u lost some weight, whats the big deal…why are you making a superstar out of yourself? liers will always be ugly

Steven Gerrard says:

I just wanked over this


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barady b says:

Nice share but I am lazy prefer this way

matti johnson says:

hey Jordan! i am so excited to say i am starting my weight loss journey. i am really inspired by you and your videos. i am so thankful that someone put their story on YT and that you are super honest about the struggles and the things that people don’t always talk about! thanks so much for your videos and for the encouragement!

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