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LovedHappy says:

Love how candidly you talked about this. I pretty much have an identical story…except I'm not coming out with an app this month? congrats girl! So happy you've created a healthy relationship with food 🙂 life is so much nicer this way ????

Genê Bona says:

This app will be amazing, I neeeed you as personal trainer

Ariel Figueroa says:

You are beautiful?

Jo Lapid says:

Damn, you've improved! Neat– time for me to do the same

RC Surf says:

well my view of you has changed. i suffer from binge too , not fat not skinny , but have some motivation to get thinner .

AnniTheCookie x says:

I can't see a difference on the pictures. But you're beautiful on both of them anyway 🙂

Adam Rammal says:

love you ?

Adam Rammal says:

love you ?

Madeleine Kubik says:

Can you share some of your weight loss recipes?

Fábio Soares says:

But what do you eat nowadays? I know that you said you are making another video with that but I am just curious and you also mentioned something about dairy, have you stoped eating them?

I liked the video, nice vibes and btw you look great. =)

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