My Weight Loss Story – How I Lost 40 POUNDS!

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Today’s video is going to be a very different one for my channel…I’m going to be opening up about my weight loss journey and giving you my personal tips & tricks to hopefully assist (or at least inspire) you if you’re on a similar path! Please don’t hesitate to leave any questions that you may have in the comment section below! xoxo

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Rosa says:

First of all, I’m sorry to hear about loosing your mom when you were so young. You are an overcomer and an inspiration. Thank you for sharing your ‘raw’ weight loss story. YouTube needs more ‘raw’ material imho. You are young, beautiful and healthy. May God bless you ?

livingitup16 says:

What a wonderful video. I noticed you lost weight but not that much (also you’re only 5’2???!) The same thing happened to me a few months back where I suddenly was concerned about my weight. Found out I have an under active thyroid and the doctor said to do some lifestyle adjustments. I’m a big researcher so I looked into all the fads, all the workouts, miracle solutions, you name it! Never did them but I wanted to educate myself about my body. It was such a huge wake up call. I never realized how much sugar I consumed or what products had a lot of sugar. I started hitting the gym everyday as well and found it actually fun. I just didn’t see how something like the Keto diet or a crazy workout plan was sustainable over the long term so I also chose to do small things. I only eat when I’m hungry, I try to include more whole foods, more vegetables, less sugar (fellow sweets lover), my exercise is just the climber for 45 minutes and in 2.5 months I lost 10 pounds. I like that you disclosed it took you 1.5 years to lose 40. Weight is ever fluctuating and I often felt discouraged when I saw the same number on the scale for weeks or if the number went up suddenly. I would see these other people who lost like 30 in two months and just felt crappy. That’s why the scale should be left behind. Focus on how your clothes fit and how you feel. Try to make the best decisions for your body on a day to day basis and you’ll see results in time. Put the health before the weight 🙂

san simi says:

Thank you for making this video. So happy for you. I am inspired by your story and looking forward to starting my fitness journey as well.
What are some tips that helped you when u had to eat out.

sincerelysophy says:

Proud of you!!

NicoleNikki E / Infused Faces says:

Congratulations! You look awesome.

Nazih Nabeela says:

Such a great video

Saumya says:

Thanks for adding pictures!

Nivetha Priya says:

I never comment in videos usually but I couldn't resisit..whatever you said made me feel like I am listening to my own story!I am also in the heavier side but I try to take it as candid as possible..but when the society and relatives starts to mock or give you free advise,it really breaks me down..I never bother about my weight or appreance but it makes me feel very unhealthy..A much needed vid for me at this point of time for me.. thanks a ton!!!!

Munsat Ansary says:

This is soo inspirin… im tryin my best to lose weigght …. i'm hopin i can do it within the next year

wambi10 says:

Loved your honesty and congrats on the weight loss!

atwalwaosh says:

good for you

Lisa says:

You go, girl! I've been watching you for years and I just wanted to say how amazing of a person I think you are!

Sam Notta says:

Thank you for sharing your story. I’ve been noticing your weight loss but didn’t feel it was polite to ask you about it. I’m grateful that you did this video. Just like you I love sweets and food in general. Recently I have not been feeling the greatest so I’ve decided to make a change. I have two kids so I am unable to workout 5 days a week due to time however I go to the gym twice a week. Now what I do need to change is my eating habits. I will definitely try to cut out portions of cakes and sugar in general and see what happens. Thanks again. I hope you know how much sharing your story will help others going through the same thing. ??

lily Barr says:

Beautiful necklace and where did you get it from? Please thank you.

shalom4714 says:

Thank you so much for sharing Eshani!! That random 40 minutes is so awesome because it does not sound long, now if I add that 5 minutes it sounds longer.. ???? you and I must think the same in this concept ??

TheLauren1113 says:

Way to go Eshani! You look fantastic but honestly what you did sounds perfect. It’s a lifestyle change, not a diet and that’s the best way to loose weight.

Lakshmi Naveen says:

Hey Eshani.. Great job introducing consistent exercise in your life. I don't want to discourage you from continuing that routine.. But a word of advice.. Could you do that power walking in a park or somewhere outside and not on a treadmill.. Cause power walking on a treadmill over a period of time can cause stress to your knee ligaments and you will become prone to ligament injuries.. The reason is that on a treadmill you will be forced to walk at the same pace (unless you reduce the speed) even though you are tired which causes stress to the knee.. While walking on actual ground our body automatically adjusts the pace and stress… This is coming from my husband's orthopedic doc… My husband had a knee ligament injury.. And when the doc went through his history of exercise, he found that my husband used to go at it with the treadmill.. So please take care and keep exercising and keep being the beautiful person that you are…

whats up world 88 says:

hi it was so good watching your vidoe but i wonder about how much water you drink a day and douse that affect you?

Life with Jessica says:

Great video! Thank u for shearing.

Jackie Kimberly Voorhees says:

This is perfect! I’ve done countless diets and a lot of “weight loss tricks” and I have never succeeded to lose weight. This is so perfect because it’s such a realistic and comfortable approach. Patience is definitely key because I get super impatient at times and that’s when I lose motivation and give up. Thanks for posting this girl! You look amazing ?

Kavery Kandasamy says:

Thank you for being real. Thank you for being you

Millie Solis- Loredo says:

Hi! Thanks for this video girly. This is realistic and inspiring. You look great… Congrats!

glam dewi says:

haircare tips and trick video of that works for your hair to look that good, healthy and gorjz like that please ???

Daphne bella chloe says:

I didn’t really realize you had lost weight, not that you don’t look healthy and lovely, I just saw how great your skin has been looking. Glowing. Congrats on exceeding your weight goals. I’m working on my own and doing about the same as you and really seeing results.

cis star says:

Wow, I am 5 2.5 and I'm 165 and I totally get what you are saying about how you felt when you saw that on the scale. I am trying to lose weight too. You're giving me inspiration!

silverclu says:

you give me hope girl 🙂

Roberta Dume says:

Hi Eshani! I want to say thank you for making this video. I am at a point in my life where I, too, I’m at my heaviest. I have reached a point where I hate how I feel in my body and have such low self esteem. I have avoided taking pictures of myself and don’t even want to consider dating due to this. You have truly inspired me persevere! Thank you so much for your candidness. It has given me the boost to put my mental and physical health first.

leila says:

My favorite part was hearing how high your self esteem was (if I may say this) in high school. I feel like I'm never seeing or hearing about that and I sometimes wonder if it exists. You must have amazing parents, family, and friends.

Crys Omqh says:

Omg u look fab!!! So different from before I mean not saying tat u were no fab before

Gabi H says:

Way to go Eshani!!!??? I pretty much had the same thing happen to me. One day I stood on the scale and just said, 'Gabi you are getting to big. You're not exercising, your eating crap everyday, you need a lifestyle change…if you don't do this for yourself, you're only going to get bigger and you're hurting your health'. So this past summer I dedicated it to working out everyday, getting on a meal plan and I lost pounds and inches. It was the best feeling ever. I am not tired or sluggish anymore and I am always excited for my next workout. I am now down 26 lbs. I went from 159 to 135, having started this journey in June. I still have a long way to go to meet my fitness goals, but I am exited to continue on. I can't wait to see what my year's results will look like. I have discovered that cycling and turbo kick classes are my favorite. I also love bootcamp and HIIT. I too still have my treat of ice cream and a pasta dish here and there, but I try to portion it out and not eat them regularly. It's crazy now that I sometimes crave salads. This lifestyle change has been the best decision I have made. I love hearing other's people fitness journeys and hearing about their amazing progress. Awesome job Eshani for sticking with it and being an inspiration to us all! ???

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